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21 Magical Powers Spiritual Course E-Book. The Most Powerful Amulet Talisman In The World..Yourself

21 Magical Powers Spiritual Course E-Book. The Most Powerful Amulet Talisman In The World..Yourself
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About us

We spend months if not years scouring the countries in South East Asia in search of authentic spiritual items. As most of our followers know we have access to shamans/dukuns who have the psychic abilities to extract items from parallel realms. When the items come through into our realm they come down in a ball of light or are extracted from the ground where they are shown or a ball of light appears. This items as you can imagine are priceless and extremely rare. It takes us a lot of effort to get to these items. We work with spiritualist in Indonesia, Malaysia and throughout South East Asia. Please note that we are sometimes in areas without mobile coverage when we are seeking out items, do not expect orders to be processed immediately or communique to be prompt. We are here to help make these items accessible to the world because this is our passion, we all have full-time jobs. Secondly all items are re-empowered before sending to customers so this may take between 3-5 days. 

About this course 

We have now created the E-book version of this course without the tasbih and wafaq cloth due to covid restrictions on postage. This course has been altered to offer the same benefits without the physical items. We have found this particular dhikr (chanting) practice easy to practice and effective for our own requirements. It can also be used in conglomeration with our spiritual items to keep them empowered. We don’t believe in creating landing pages with special offers asking you for a call to action. We are simple people with that just want to get this practice out to as many people as we can. Our motto at is that we want to change lives. We have been very happy with the feedback we have received for this course, evil spirits have been driven out, partners have been found, lives have been changed. We have also romanised the course for people who do not read Arabic or are not Muslim can also practice. Our objective is to bring people to the heart of God. 



We teach you how to access and change your reality using certain energies evoked by selected ayat in a system that bears results and passed down from an ancient lineage in South East Asia. 

What happens after buying this item?

-  One of our team members will a) Ask you to provide your father's name if you are female and your mother's name if you are male b) Ask you to confirm your e-mail address for e-book to be sent to you in pdf format. 


What are the powers that can be gained or uses of this course?


Within this course are zikirs/dhikirs powerful words that one can use for different purposes, after one is empowered through the practice of the course, one can possibly gain from the following benefits, God Willing. Each benefit below has a sets of wordings and practice:


-        Invulnerability to sharp objects.

-        Improved interpersonal relationships and charisma

-        There is a practice to win and capture a person’s heart

-        Improve sales, career and business

-        For peace of mind and calmness

-        Calling of money, increasing the speed of debt repayment

-        Calling for life partner/wife in 89 days

-        Increase inner energy, alertness

-        Ability to push powerful psychic/chi energy for self-defense

-      Ability to make ruqyah (spiritually fence) for one’s self, one’s home, business premise etc. for other people.

-     Ability to heal someone who has been afflicted by black magick and send back magick to originator.

-        Ability to extract spiritual items from other realm

-        Ability to send thoughts and influence people over distance

-        Insya Allah ability to concentrate ones thoughts to receive messages from other realm and ability to see the other realms.

-        Increased sensitivity to the spiritual realm, some develop the ability to see orbs and spirit.

-        Insya Allah the ability to shift clouds to avoid rain

-        There are also many other benefits that we might not be able to foresee or explain here.

-       To empower spiritual items yourself and keep them empowered. 



What is required of you for empowerment in this course?


We are going to be honest with you. This course may not be for everyone but for those that chose to go through it, rewards can be readily felt. 

The practice requires dedication on the part of the student for 7 days. One has to put aside approximately about an hour or so a day. This is the empowerment practice process that you will do for 7 days. After these 7 days you only need to spend about 30 minutes a month or on a Friday evening to keep the power maintained within your body/aura. The objective of this course is to make your self-reliant realizing that all supernatural powers can be accessed from within, coupled with the help of spiritual energy of the universe. 



The Vow:


This practice is dependent on the rising of one’s inner energy and connection to the ethereal energy of God Almighty, khodam ayat (verse angel/protector). However one who takes on this zikir practice accepts the vow that it cannot be shared with anyone else as empowerment will be made for each person according to their name. Only an empowered master is able to pass this course down to the students. 




During the period of empowerment/practice, one might experience warm energy coming into ones body from the left or right hand/leg, heat on face, energy on top of head going into the crown, movements of body during rocking back and forth or left and right during the practice. Some also report seeing green or white dots of energy in from of them during the practice. The experiences are really dependent on the person. Some have reported voices of the khodams/angels, some reported no feeling but this does not mean it is not working, when you call, they listen, put your petition across and wait for the magic to take place. Inshallah

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21 Magical Powers Spiritual Course E-Book. The Most Powerful Amulet Talisman In The World..Yourself
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