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Powerful Lecherous, sexual talisman created by a Black Magick Witch, sex talisman, attraction talisman

 Powerful Lecherous, sexual talisman created by a Black Magick Witch, sex talisman, attraction talisman
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About the item:


Most suitable for the hedonist, stirs sexual energy within oneself and others to satisfy your  deepest lecherous desires. Illicit sex, orgy parties, menage a trois are all powers akin to this talisman. If debauchary is what you’re looking for, fulfill your wildest carnal desires freely and unapologetically with the backing of this talisman.

If you’re seeking a sexual partner this will help draw that partner to you. 

If you’re seeking an illicit relationship this will help draw the right person to you. 

If you seek to pick up women/prostitutes at bars this talisman is for you. 

If you’re a prostitute/gigalow, this talisman will help attract clients to you. 

If you’re in any job that requires you to attract men/women this will assist you. 

There may be other powers connected too such as general increase in charm (yawn). 

Made from soil collected from 7 khmer castles, 7 mountain peaks, 7 temple shrines, love potion powder, red egg oil. Infused with sexual energy, conjured intelligences connected to the item, spells casted and item enchanted to serve specific purpose of fulfilling ones sexual desires ; to increase charm.

About the master;

We are excited about this listing. Master Pakinee is a low-key female magick master (Witch) from Thailand that makes items more efficacious than many male masters, we've experienced.  Her items are used by "Women of the Night" in Thailand to gain customers, especially in Pattaya and Bangkok. This is a latest edition to her stable of efficacious talismans/mantras. The previous items of hers we have sold have had really good feedback from customers, much exceeding other items. 

For the proven powers of this master's other items, read our testers reviews and reviews of her items:

This magickal master is one of the rising stars of Thai magick she comes from a country, Thailand, where magick is practiced very openly but mostly by males, she has to do better to excel amongst her peers and she is doing just that.  In Thailand, there are a myriad of magickal systems, Khmer (Cambodian) magick is known for its potency and this is the type of magick that this witch practices.

How to use according to the creator:

- Chant katha to wake up the takrut. Chant before you need to use it, before going out.  

- Chant katha before sex if possible, definitely before going out to one has to work this magick, or when outside, keep amulet nearby during sex if possible.  

- Doing a daily practice and visualization techniques keeps the energies contained strong and ready for use when necessary. 

Additional advice by us:

- Use the visualization method provided by us to all buyers to be used after chanting katha this helps. 

- MP3 of katha provided to help with correct pronunciation of katha.

- How long does the power last? Everybody will tell you it’ll last forever, you can get it rebllsed etc. honestly they last for about a year or two and keep empowering them yourself. 

Dowry: USD150.00

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