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Ajahn Perm 9 tail fox powerful amulet talisman & strong sex magick charming oil set

Ajahn Perm 9 tail fox powerful amulet talisman & strong sex magick charming oil set
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Model: AJPerm01+Oil
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Ajarn Perm is well known worldwide for making talismans that are efficacious in charm, love and seduction. Ajahn Perm's necromantic powers are best displayed in amulets as such. He has a big following around the world with worshipper attesting the strength of his talismans. Positive experiences are mainly sexual but some have reported lottery, gambling success. The 9 tail fox lady is one very good example and this particular amulet type and batch has received positive results.

About these talismans;

1) The Locket is of the 9 tail fox lady (USD 239)

The legends of the 9 tail fox lady abound and many cultures around the world have a similar mystical being such as the 9 tail fox lady. She is best known to play her part as an enchantress and seducer of both male and female. 

This talisman gives you the following powers of :

- Convincing speech, charm and attraction of lovers, also suitable for opposite sex and same sex attraction. 
- Also helps to influencing people to do what you want. 
- Attract admirers and successfully attain favours from people.  
- Used by many who work in the "night"
- Helps in promiscuous flirting
- Gambling 

Behind the enamel with picture, the spiritual consolidation of this item is made up of sacred prai maha saneh laluy powders and charming substances. Also contained behind is tiny flask of extremely potent Prai Oil (spirit oil). There are two takruts behind one takrut for the user to have the sexual vigor of an elephant and the other is a, literally translated, flowers from heaven takrut which is for charm to rain over the user. The oil that is encapsulated is elephant semen oil mixed with herbal charming oil. 

How to use this item: 

- Before bringing into home offer 12 incense to the local devas and keepers (those taking care of the area in the spirit world)

- Before keeping you should offer 9 red or white flowers, 9 incense stick and one glass of water. This item is supposed to work without much work on the keepers side. However a katha will be provided which is from AJ Perm itself, which can be chanted when weekly offerings of incense and water is provided. Also you can offer flowers if you wish. 

- Locket item can be kept in pocket or hung around neck and worn as a pendant.

2) Charming oil (USD 140) 

This oil is not a prai oil (spirit oil) it is a herbal concoction of flowers and charm materials used for charm and love attainment. Also AJ has added a little as to not arouse any suspicion. The smell is akin to some sort of deodorant. There are two extremely powerful charming takruts inside. Hence this item is also suitable to be carried as a talisman on and can be kept in pocket. It comes in a nice roller ball glass container which makes it easy to apply when necessary. 

How to use this item:

It can be applied on the eyebrows and hand when meeting target to charm them. Not necessary to offer anything to this oil, just chant the katha and visualise your target getting charmed by you.  

Note :

- This item may be more expensive compared to other Ajahns but why doubt, instead of trying many go for the best in Thai magick. 
- It is important that you believe in the powers of this talisman and that it will work. You have to also make efforts to be nicer to people, smile etc. 
- A ritual to bring it into your life is necessary. Usually 9 incense sticks burnt at night with some red flowers (like roses if you can find) offered to the diety, then katha chanted. Some people do not use incense sticks you can use Oud or whichever incense you can find, that is fine. This ritual is not really necessary as it is made to work without but it is better if you can. 
- Listen carefully when inviting the amulet into your life, some have reported whispers, footsteps etc. These are the assistant spirits coming to help, welcome them into your life and ask them to be your friend and tell them what you seek.
- The magick used in this talisman is strong and some may feel heat coming from it, do not fear this is good that you are sensitive, not everyone is.

Please note some useful tips for other items included in this website: 

- We may have more than one of this stone/item, they all vary as they are unique items. A photo will be sent to you through request or before dispatch if you choose to pay first. 

- Empowerment Process. This pendant/stones can be empowered in your personal name. For this process we require your full name. If you are male we would require your mother's name. If you are female we would require your father's name to complete the ritual of connecting to the keeper. A khodam name will be provided for your weekly ritual and prayers. The empowerment process is to enhance the powers & benefits in your personal name for its wearer/user.

- Some Items will be blessed by ustaz one last time before sending to our customers. 

- If a ring you will be asked about your ring size. 

- Our rings are made by hand by village artisans so the finish is not machine-like or western. 

-  Most of our items get on with most people, as it is usually fated. However in the event If at any point in the future after some time of trying you find that the energies of the item are not suitable with you, you can plant the item under an old tree or release in running water (river/sea). 

- All items will come with a guidance booklet if you so require please let us know. Thank You. 

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Ajahn Perm 9 tail fox powerful amulet talisman & strong sex magick charming oil set
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Ajahn Perm 9 tail fox powerful amulet talisman & strong sex magick charming oil set
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Ajahn Perm 9 tail fox powerful amulet talisman & strong sex magick charming oil set
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