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Kruba Noi - Takrut Ga Sar Thon - Holy rope type Great Discount 30% off, powerful amulet for low price

Kruba Noi - Takrut Ga Sar Thon - Holy rope type Great Discount 30% off, powerful amulet for low price
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Kruba Noi - Takrut Ga Sa Thon - Holy rope type

Kruba Noi’s Ka Sa Thon also written as Ga Sa Thorn or Ga Sa Thon, is probably Kruba Noi’s most common and renown talisman. Mainly because there are many stories that surround it. From those escaping accidents to invulnerability to escaping bullets the list goes on. There is no need for us to mention it here.

We make decisions based on our own testing and feeling. In any case we think it is a brilliant  talisman for all round protection, especially recommended to be kept in the car and worn on body for protection purpose. When our energy sensitive team members touch it they can feel the energy from the blessed item. It has a humming vibration that pulses from it.

Also helps with luck and success. This is because the katha that is used to consecrate this talisman has the words of auspicious victory embedded in it. This is the secret mantra contained within this talisman according to Ajahn Thip the right hand man to Kruba Noi :

Puttang Saranang, Sawan Thammang

Saranang Raksa, Sangkang Saranag

Sitthi Hey Teh Nak, Sat Jak Wak Jeh Nak


Han Tang May JayaMangalang

Although there are other kathas given for this talisman we personally would use the katha that is used to make this talisman by chanting 3 times first “Namo Tassa Bhakawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa”


Due to its popularity there are many variations of this talisman. This particular one to us looks like the most simplest one of them all. Great for those looking for a talisman that is understanded and light in weight. It also can touch the skin directly which we think is great.




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