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Khodamic Lotus Bezoar Stone Best For Prosperity and Love

Khodamic Lotus Bezoar Stone Best For Prosperity and Love
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About the item

Materialized by spiritualists at a lake in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. These stones come highly recommended by all involved. It is suitable for non Muslims and Muslims alike. During the materialization process many flowers a blue energy appeared in certain flowers they were collected and contained these stones. 

 photo 9b17c023-8950-477f-b62b-4f78253ea43b.jpg  photo 9e1fba0c-cada-4014-8669-be5204cc575a.jpg

Gifted by the beings in the other realm and through the mercy of God/Allah SWT. The khodams of these stones are suitable for those of all religions not only Muslims.  The stones have inside them parts of the of the flora of the lake within them. They have a cooling energy and calming, the benefits of this stone:

- Khodams are of high level, help to infuse positive energy into surroundings and one's life
- Promotes peace & harmony, helps display loving kindness to all
- Soothes the soul, helps remove overbearing negative thoughts
- Helps in prosperity
- Suitable for all religions
- All round protection
- Improved interaction with others
- Strong energy but not overbearing
- Helps protect from poisonous animals


Market price for these stones in Indonesia and Malaysia has been confirmed to be in the range of USD340 each. Approximate length: 1cm Approximate Width: 2cm Approximate listing dowry:  USD 199.50 upwards VIP Dowry: USD 167 Free Items: 1000 flower oil sample bottle, instruction manual upon request, free talisman pouch as below

 photo 68c7be23-0d27-4876-a1a7-d20692baf708.jpg


Activation and maintenance

Methods of keeping the items are recommended in the guidance booklet.There is no need for activation of the items on your side as they are prepared by our shamans/ustaz before they are sent to you. These items are khodamic and there is no need for you to do anything accept maintain them. Maintenance of these items is by applying the necessary oils given with the item. We will provide you with a sample bottle of either 1000 flower oil or zafaron oil with these items depending on which is suitable for that item. Apply those specific oils on a Friday evening. For stones expose to moonlight during a full moon to further empower them. All everyone a Guidance Booklet will be provided with guidance on how to maximize usage and connect with these items. Please ask us for this is you require.


Materialization of stones and other heritage items are conducted by experts/spiritualist who use various processes to accomplish this. Materializations or apportation are modern day miracles that have been occuring for centuries especially in South East Asia. Through the mercy of God/Allah SWT these items are allowed to be extracted into our realm. In Malaysia/Indonesia they sometimes literally drop from the sky in balls of light, appear glowing in the distance as glowing lights or are extracted from the ground using supernatural means. 

 photo 14TarikKeluarKerisPusakaDariTanah-1.jpg Photo of keris being extracted/materialized

If you're not entirely convinced or understand the value of this item please do not proceed with purchasing it. 

Empowerment Course 

We also recommend our course to help you increase control over these powerful energies and empower yourself: Client experiences;  

Client experiences;

 d)      From our experience in selling and dealing with Khodamic talismans we have had clients, who are able to experience, feel & see certain things with Khodamic talismans and some people are not able to feel or see anything at all. This dependent mainly on the person’s psychic level, sensitivity to the unseen worldWe have had many clients who have been able to experience various feelings and sightings.

 photo e786d59d-472b-46dc-b221-cbe28bff1681_zps4122ba5b.jpg

 photo d91db010-febc-4aca-b757-8443a46927e8_zpsde2795c3.jpg
 photo 65ffcb46-4b75-4d6e-af3c-a7050b9007a9_zps24455961.jpg




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Shipping and Handling

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As mentioned all items are sent with tracking numbers. Seller will not be responsible for product once item has been posted. If you require insurance please contact us for a quote. At present local pick up is not available. 


Estimated Delivery Time

Asia & Australasia

7-10 days

U.K & Europe

10-15 days

U.S & Canada

15-18 days


The onus is on the customer to check if there are any customs duties or related fees for a product prior to purchase, we will not be held responsible in the event any fees are levied on the client in their country. However all items will be shipped as "gifts". 


Bid & buy it now rules

Buyers are expected to pay as soon as possible and no later than 3 days after a buyer wins or buys an item. If buyer does not pay for an item within 3 days, we will open an unpaid item case. Buyers then have 4 days to pay and resolve the matter after the case opens. If no payment is received within that period then the case will automatically be closed and action will be taken on the buyer by ebay. This is because we have to pay 10% or more to ebay on every item sold. Thank You for your understanding. 


Feedback Policy

We only leave feedback once feedback has been left for us. 


Return Policy

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Customers must seek prior approval for any returns. We offer a seven days money back guarantee, which means return dispute has to be raised within 7 days of item being received by buyer. Return postage is born by buyer. Refund will be made within 7 days of item being received by seller in an unused and new condition, items must be in packaging and shipping must be via first class registered air mail with tracking number. A 12% restocking fee applies to all items returned

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