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White Aliligator Totem, Albino Alligator Egg Turns Into Stone Mystical Item Multi Purpose Talisman, Powerful Khodamic Item

White Aliligator Totem, Albino Alligator Egg Turns Into Stone Mystical Item Multi Purpose Talisman, Powerful Khodamic Item
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Model: AlbinoAlligatorEgg
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Albino Alligator Egg Turns Into Stone Khodamic Item

 photo c13767cb-ea5b-4891-a4d9-86c3f7caf36f_zps23f31127.jpg

 photo albinoaligatoreggnight01_zps98a2d177.jpg

This item comes from a spiritualist in Indonesia who obtained this item through one of his dreams. In his dream an old man wearing white clothing told him to go to a river to obtain something powerful and precious but he was not told in the dream what the item was. The following day in the daylight he went to that river with some other friends. When he arrived there the following day he and his friends spotted a white crocodile. After waiting around for a couple of hours the crocodile went into water. He then went to the nest and found that there were eggs there however a few stood out from the rest; he found that in the shade some of them were glowing, he took those that were glowing and left the area.

The energy from the item is strong and we are unable to capture a clear photo of this item even after several tries. We have experienced this before for certain items. Item has been dzikered and wafaqed by our shaman to ensure that no other entities enter it.

After that he continued to contact the other realm and they said that this is a gift mainly due to prior communication and exchanges he had done with them in the past. The powers of this item are as follows:

  • -  Strong Influential powers

  • -  Strengthens inner/mental energy and power

  • -  Helps improve interpersonal, love relations

  • -  Spiritual fencing around the user or area where it is kept.

  • -  There may be more powers that may be unknown to us dependent on the new owner.

    Specifications: Approx. Length: 9 cm Approx. Width: 6 cm  Approx. Net wt.: 400-450gm Approx. Gross wt.: 500-581gm. Market Price for this item could be in the range of USD 5000. Free maintenance item: Sample bottle 1000 flower oil.

  • Note: This particular design is currently unavailable. But we do have Albino Alligator Egg stone of different designs regularly. Pls. contact us and request for the latest photos and stock available before making payment. As these are naturally sourced items hence they are not always looking alike only one piece of its kind available at times. If we are lucky we may get 2 pieces of the same kind sometimes. The photo on the website is to give an idea of how an Albino Alligator Egg Stone looks like. As this is a high turn over product item hence we are unable to constantly change the photos to the most latest stock available, therefore the product item you receive might be slightly different in size, weight, color or design from that you see in the photo on the website, rest assured it is the same product item, however its qualities, powers & benefits remain the same for all product items or stock we carry.


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