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Khodamic Genie Yellow Steel Ball Materialized Treasure in Amazing Condition Powerful Great Item

Khodamic Genie Yellow Steel Ball Materialized Treasure in Amazing Condition Powerful Great Item
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This is an amazing item that was materialized from the unseen realm during an extraction/materialization process conducted by the sea side. It was extracted by a group of spiritualist. The exact location is kept secret as part of the exchange process. 

It is believed to come from a treasure chest. It has on carved wafaq empowering script. It has connected to it a khodam (servitor,genie) that will benefit its user. It is an excellent item for the following purposes:

- Great wealth 

- Increased influencing powers

- Good khodam ready to serve its keeper

- Spiritual fencing and protection from black magick and demonic spirits

Specifications :

Circumference : 1.2 cm The ball has a good weight to it meaning it is not solid yellow steel or black steel. 

What is yellow steel?

Yellow steel is well known amongst paranomalist in Indonesia for its powers. It is a rare natural occurring alloy that has magickal powers. Certain shamans/bomohs/spiritualists have the skills to detect the location of this precious alloy. The photo below shows one of it in its natural solid/rock form before it is processed.

 photo 493efa6c-ef63-4c17-9546-02930b4757bb.jpg

It can only be processed by certain knowledgeable individuals (spiritual alchemists) who know how to use it. It is known to be a gift from God. It has been to known choose its owner and disappear and appear where it so chooses. Some say it chooses its owner and only stays with certain people of its choice, in other words it is alive. Its alloy content is an amalgamation of yellow or black steel,silver,copper, tin, nickel, black tin and steel. We have a choice of yellow steel or black steel and we will let you know what is available in stock. Please email us to enquire before purchase. Both yellow or black steel provides the same following powers & benefits with God's/Allah SWT's blessing :

  •    Emergency invulnerability
  •    Spiritual fencing, protection from disturbances from Jins etc
  •    Protection from Evil Eye/Curses of people
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