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Most Powerful Talisman Amulet Mother Raw Lightning Stone Gold Specs 02

Most Powerful Talisman Amulet Mother Raw Lightning Stone Gold Specs 02
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Model: KhoMotherRawLightningStone02
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This is one of the most powerful, beautiful and unique talismans we have. Like many of our large lightning stones this item comes form Mr. Hj. Soopat who is an ardent spiritualist and is a senior silat martial artist guru. He is an expert in extraction of lightning stones. His passion for lightning stones started in his early days after keeping a lightning stone that he was given and found its miracalous benefits. From that point forward he has made finding/materilizing lightning stones his life's passion. In order to extract/materilize lightnings stones one has to learn a certain type of magick. Certain rituals have to be done correctly in order to keep the item in tact and spiritually powerful. He has mastered this art and now is able to bring these amazing pieces to you.  

Lightning stones have become vastly popular since we exposed them to the western world. People from all around the world have reported back amazing feedback. Many have found intense enerigies eminating from lightning stones. There are also a myriad of types. This particular is a raw lightning stone unpolished stone color with gold specs. Part of this stone goblet was used to make keris that has proven to give powers of impenetrability. The khodam of this item is high standing in the other realm, is noted to be a prince in the other realm. The powers that this item offers are as follows: 

- Increased inner energy

- Ability to read minds of enemy

- Emergency ability to fight

- Emergency impenetrability

- Subserviance to the keeper

- Powerful spiritual fencing

- This particular item is great for wealth purposes, wealth accumulation and attraction, luck etc. 

In ancient days this stone was used to make kerises that were known to have supernatural powers. Legend has it that is makes its user invulnerable to sharp weapons.  It is stated that the lightning stone occurs when a very strong unearthly lightning hits the ground the ground turns into this lightning stone. Mythology states that the lightning stone is created when a demon is struck by lightning and turns into stone. It has has the following effect:

- Scares away demons/evil spirits/ghosts/jins

- Increases confidence in its wearer. 

- Protects from black magick & phychic attacks by people.

- Protects from evil eye & jealousy of people. 

- Protects its wearer when enemies attack.

- Black magick protection.

Approximate Specifications : Legth about 9 cm Width 7 cm, Gold Color Highly likely pyrite is present in the lightning stone. 

If you are not convinced or understand the value of this item please do not purchase. This stone is in its original form. A genuine piece as such has an estimated market value of USD5000. 

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