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Khodamic Bird of Paradise Khodamic Stone Ring (order now)

Khodamic Bird of Paradise Khodamic Stone Ring (order now)
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Model: BirdOfParadiseRing
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This stone was found in the stomach of bird of paradise. It was ascertained from a close fellow spiritualist of Mr. Soolastery who has been a collector for years. This stone has not been used by him, here merely ascertained it from a spiritualist who removed it from the bird. Malaysians and Indonesians believe that certain animals have khodams attached to them. Certain spiritualist are able to sense and are sometimes call spiritually by the khodam to take them from the stomach of the bird once the bird is about to die. The powers that this item is able to provide are as follows:

-      Great business fastener, career fastener

-      Self-improvement

-      Attractive in the eyes of people

-      Superb influencing powers through words and mind.

-      Improved inner energy

-      Spiritual fencing


Approximate length of stone around 2 cm, width 1 cm. Standard ring sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9 available. Please provide us your ring size upon order/purchase. 

Dowry USD 197

All items comes with Free sample bottle of 1000 flower oil or zafaron oil depending on item. 


NOTE : We may have more than one of this item hence the item you receive may vary slightly but they are mostly similar. Rest assured powers and benefits described are the same. 

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