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Powerful Khodamic Keris From Jawa Anti Black Magick Protection Talisman

Powerful Khodamic Keris From Jawa Anti Black Magick Protection Talisman
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About this Keris

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We had heard from acquaintances of a Guru in Southern Jawa who had a collection of mystical kerisses. This set of kerisses are from a Silat Martial Artist in Southern Jawa. This item together with a couple of other kerisses we ascertained from him. They possed energy when we touched them something we could readily feel. We asked Guru to part with some items of his but he was hessitant as he loved them all equally. After convinving him to part with some items of his since we had come from so far we agreed to let us have the kerisses we fancied. The reason we chose these kerisses besides the powers we felt they are simple eligent looking and most of all smaller in size to regular kerisse hence easy to be concealed and transported. We got them verified by our shaman/ustaz and found that they possess the following powers:

- Increased inner energy (chi/prana)

- Increased prosperity

- Great for power over others, good for bosses, managers, business owners, to keep to make sure their employees follow their will.

- Spiritual fencing 

- Anti black magick

- Emergency impenetrability 

Approx. Length: 19-20 cm. Free: Sample bottle of Misik or Zafaron oil will be provided whatever is available.

Awesome item one of our beloved pieces, don't wait, grab it now while the stock lasts. if you are interested in this item please check with us first via email for stock availability before making payment.

How to care for item?

Similar to khodamic stones, application of oil on Friday evenings is required. For this item application of zafaron oil. Guidance booklet will be provided for further guidance. Once or twice a year around a full moon day clean the keris blade with lemon or lime juice and reapply misik/zafaron oil. 

As usual a guidance booklet will be provided and dhzikr booklet for Muslims.

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