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Khodamic 7 Princess Stone in locket Powerful Prosperity + Love Talisman

Khodamic 7 Princess Stone in locket Powerful Prosperity + Love Talisman
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About the extraction process

This is a khadamic stone extracted from the parallel realm.  These are real modern day miracles but they have been going on for centuries in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is only through the grace of Allah SWT/God that we are now exposing it to the world to benefit all mankind. You can see it for yourself in these youtube links on our website suvrna dot com click on Articles By Us. 

About these Khodamic Gem Stones

These stones were ascertained from extraction process conducted by Muslim Shamans in Indonesia at certain power spots that allow for successful extraction. They used a Dzikir process for the purpose of ascertaining the location of these stones and communication with its keepers. Through their dzikir process they were provided with the location of where to go exactly and once at the place they communicated with beings from the other realm which are of Orang Bunian (forest dwelling beings) origin. The beings heard their prayers and released these stones to them for the benefit of mankind. From this batch 12 stones were extracted successfully.

Each of this stones have 7 khodams of the orang bunian origin of high ranking/level connected to it. There are 7 female khodams attached to this item that are all female. They are the ones that allowed these items to be released to mankind and have volunteered to assists its wearer but it is only through the mercy of Allah SWT that these items were successfully extracted.

As they are female khodams, these are the main benefits that can arise from this item:

- High persuasive powers. 

- High influencing powers.  

- Improved interpersonal relationships, love and friendship included.   

- Improvement in wealth, prosperity, business. 

How to use

Stone can be worn above waist level made into a necklace, made into a ring. 


- Do not step over.

- Keep at above waist level, unless of course stone is made into or worn as a ring. If worn as a ring when kept at home place above waist level. 

- Do not miss the recommended practice of 1000 flower oil application on a weekly or monthly basis.  

- Do not boast about this stone or of its powers even when it has rewarded you. 

- One should refrain from showing this stone to people generally (people who don't believe usually will undermine its effectiveness hence providing negative energy - casting the evil eye). 


Stone Specifications;

Origin: Indonesia Condition: New Approximate Size: Length of stone: 20 mm Width of stone: 15 mm Thickness: 5 mm The stone color may vary from stone to stone slightly but rest assured the powers & benefits remain the same.


Beautiful Bronze Casing or other suitable Casing available will be provided that fits stones such as 7 Princess Kho7ps05 :

Free Gift Casing or (other types of Casing available at the time of purchase), comes with complementary bronze or silver metal chain necklace or leather necklace whatever we have in stock. Necklace Length approx. : 34-35 cm long

Casing Specifications;

Approx Length: 4.5 cm 

Approx Width: 3 cm 

Approx Thickness: 1 cm

Approx Depth Inside: 0.8

Material: Zinc metal alloy (cadmium free) 

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