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NyiRoRo Kidul Khodamic Mystical Gem Stone Ring Attraction Very Powerful Amulet (Order Now)

NyiRoRo Kidul Khodamic Mystical Gem Stone Ring Attraction Very Powerful Amulet (Order Now)
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NyiRoRo Kidul Khodamic Mystical Gem Stone Ring Extremely Powerful Item

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Once in a life time opportunity, don't miss this amazing item!!

We are excited to bring to you these latest batch of extracted items, which we have been in search of for a long time. Stories abound on this vastly powerful spirit or deity that dwells in the Southern Sea of Java. There are many stories that surround this deity. 

Nyiroro Kidul is the chief of a realm in the Southern Sea of Java. She was known during her lifetime to be a princess that had extraordinary charm and was able to charm anyone with her words and beauty. She was kidnapped by pirates and disappeared. She has been known to appear in various forms as a mermaid of sorts. Those that have had contact with her say that she has been known to be able to change shapes. Some believe that her story can be traced back to pre-Hindu-Buddhist times. Whatever it is she is renown and her story has been passed down from generation to generation. Nyiroro Kidul's room at Samundra Beach Resort, Southen Jawa : 

 photo 8ba47f83-08eb-4c59-bfaa-effd4b8cdb5d.jpg

 photo 41653176-5ef1-4fe5-bcf4-0201ef6cc092.jpg    (Photo of a khodamic stone just after materialization gifted by Nyiroro Kidul at the beach)

These stones we have were gifted by the deity. The spiritual expert group that extracted these items have close successfully contacted her several times before. As usual this item was raised/extracted through mystical means. According to those that were involved in the extraction this item is a jewel that was kept by those that are of high position in their realm. It is a type of magickal item that is or was kept and used in the other realm by leaders who were/is involved in communication and negotiation between ministries in their realm as well as those of the other realms and theirs. It has extraordinary powers in negotiation. It is also known as the mark of greatness or leadership. The powers of this item are as such:

- Provides one with power over others, to control and create peace. Excellent for leaders, head of organisations, politicians etc

- Excellent for businessman, business owners, those involved in sales, helps to attract customers.

- Improves the appearance of its wearer provides long lasting young appearance throughout ones life.

- Excellent in matters of attraction, love and interpersonal relationships.

This is a powerful item and we recommend those who have some experience in dealing with items as such to rent this item. This item should be treated with the utmost respect as any khodamic item. Guide book and dzikir process booklet will be provided upon request.

Approximate width 1 cm length 1.5 cm. Please check with us for stock availability before purchase. Upon purchase please provide us your US Ring size. However, we will also provide you a Ring chart for your final confirmation of Ring size before purchase.

About Khodamic items: 

a)      Pls. note in regards to Khodamic items, it is our responsibility to ensure that these Khodamic items find their rightful home and are with people who appreciate their latent powers and are able to care for them correctly.

b)      Talisman requires time to take effect on a person’s life. They also take time to connect with the user. If you’re expecting instant results than you must have been mistaken. There is no quick fix.

c)      A bond / relationship need to be built between the owner & the Khodam over time.

d)  Guidance booklet will be provided to all upon request. For those who are Muslims or practice Islam you can ask for the dzikir booklet as well. 

 Client experiences;

 d)      From our experience in selling and dealing with Khodamic talismans we have had clients, who are able to experience, feel & see certain things with Khodamic talismans and some people are not able to feel or see anything at all. This dependent mainly on the person’s psychic level, sensitivity to the unseen worldWe have had many clients who have been able to experience various feelings and sightings.

Suvrna advise:

e)      If you are looking to make a particular purchase and need some advise on Khodamic items, you’re welcome to email us for advise on that particular item you’re looking to purchase.

Shipping and Handling

As mentioned all items are sent with tracking numbers. Seller will not be responsible for product once item has been posted. If you require insurance please contact us for a quote. At present local pick up is not available. Location of items : Malaysia/Thailand.


Estimated Delivery Time

Asia & Australasia

7-10 days

U.K & Europe

10-15 days

U.S & Canada

15-18 days


The onus is on the customer to check if there are any customs duties or related fees for a product prior to purchase, we will not be held responsible in the event any fees are levied on the client in their country. However all items will be shipped as "Gifts". 

Bid & buy it now rules

Buyers are expected to pay as soon as possible and no later than 3 days after a buyer wins or buys an item. If buyer does not pay for an item within 3 days, we will open an unpaid item case. Buyers then have 4 days to pay and resolve the matter after the case opens. If no payment is received within that period then the case will automatically be closed and action will be taken on the buyer by ebay. This is because we have to pay 10% or more to ebay on every item sold. Thank You for your understanding. 

Feedback Policy

We only leave feedback once feedback has been left for us. 

Return Policy

Customers must seek prior approval for any returns. If item condition is NOT as per described, then only will money be returned. We offer a seven days money back guarantee, which means return dispute has to be raised within 7 days of item being received by buyer. Return postage is born by buyer. Refund will be made within 7 days of item being received by seller in an unused and new condition, items must be in original packaging and shipping must be via first class registered air mail with tracking number. A 12% restocking fee applies to all items returned.

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