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7 Khodam of Prince Level Black Lightning Stone Piece Protection Muslim Tilasim طلسم

7 Khodam of Prince Level Black Lightning Stone Piece Protection Muslim Tilasim  طلسم
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This is a unique and powerful protective talisman. Lightning stones are rare. In ancient days this stone was used to make kerises that were known to have supernatural powers. Legend has it that is makes its user invulnerable to sharp weapons.  It is stated that the lightning stone occurs when a very strong unearthly lightning hits the ground the ground turns into this lightning stone. Mythology states that the lightning stone is created when a demon is struck by lightning and turns into stone. It has has the following effect:

- Scares away demons/evil spirits/ghosts/jins

- Increases confidence in its wearer. 

- Protects from black magick & psychic attacks by people.

- Protects from evil eye & jealousy of people. 

- Protects its wearer when enemies attack.

- Black magick protection. 

This particular item we ascertained from a Guru/Teachers of mystical and martial arts who is Muslim. He comes from East Jawa. This item is most suitable for Muslims only. 

According to the Guru he ascertained this item through contact with the other realm. During his communication he asked for some gifts from the other realm. He went on to say that after that he received dreams of his late mother and other Imams who he knew who has already passed away guiding him that he will receive some items. During that process period a bolt of lightning came from the sky and dropped this item in the vicinity (sometimes during extraction processes items drop from the sky through what seems like a lightning, caused mainly because of the friction between our realm and the other realm)

He mentioned that in that area where this lightning happened and he found the item it hadn't rained for over 3 months. It was just a single lightning strike. He went to the area in the vicinity and found some of these pieces of black lightning stone. He thought they were meteorite stones but when closely examined they found it was a black lightning stone. In any case he was gifted to have receive these items. He says that the power of this item is mainly :

- Invulnerability to sharp objects

- Great influential powers

- Strong protection against evil eye

- But he stresses all is God Willing

He feels that his black lightning stone is 1000 times more powerful then other black lightning stones and it is stronger in power. He also said being a martial arts expert it is able to provide the ability to read the opponents thoughts during battle.


Origin : Indonesia. Approx. Length: 2-3 cm long. Approx. Width: 1-1.5 cm. Free Items: 1000 flower oil sample bottle and yellow rice. The shape or size may vary at times, we will try to maintain the approx. length & width and resassured the benefits & powers remain the same.

If you are not convinced or understand the value of this item please do not purchase. This stone is in its original form. This item belongs to a Indonesian Spiritual Guru/Shaman, who would like to let this item go to someone to benefit them. The shaman says that there is 7 khodams attached to it and they are of the royal prince level in the other realm. 

NOTE : We have more than one piece of this item, it might not look exactly the same as in the photo however the shape is somewhat close. 

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