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King of Snake Bezoar Talisman Extracted From Other Realm 02

King of Snake Bezoar Talisman Extracted From Other Realm 02
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About the extraction process for this item

This is khodamic item was extracted from the parallel realm.  These are real modern day miracles but they have been going on for centuries in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is only through the grace of Allah SWT/God that we are now exposing it to the world to benefit all mankind. 

Sometimes items drop from the sky during the extraction process in a ball of light. The light/fire is caused from the friction when the items enter our realm from the other realm. 

According to the extractors this item is a type of snake bezoar that was acquired during an extraction process that was done in a power spot and holy place (In Indoensia). This is indeed a unique looking snake bezoar stone unlike any other we have or seen. However most importantly to us is the khodam. This item has connected to it a khodam a powerful Serpent King of the unseen realm. This item was processed by our shaman to ensure its safety and energy.  This item is excellent for the following uses:

  •         Great for men to increase their courage, physical power and strength
  •         Is said to help in mild ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
  •         The khodam is good for protecting homes and work places
  •         Khodam will defend/attack those that are meaning harm to the user
  •         Helps manage people especially if you have people who are difficult to control. 


Our shaman says that it has these powers as well: 

  •    Able to fight in emergency situations 
  •    Increased inner energy and physical energy. 


Approximate Size: Length of item: 2.8 cm Width/Thickness of item: 2 cm/1.5cm Free items: Sample bottle of 1000 flower oil /Zafaron/Misik oil. VIP Price: USD 185  Minimum Listing Price: USD 212.00. This item is currently SOLD OUT but if you require this item, please email us to check stock availability before payment. Thankyou.

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