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Khodamic Healing Seed frm Heavenly Realm Powerful Protection Health Talisman

Khodamic Healing Seed frm Heavenly Realm Powerful Protection Health Talisman
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Model: KhoHSH01
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This is a very unique talisman that was gifted from the other realm during an extraction process by a spritual Guru in Indonesia. This item came to us through the recommendation of our local shaman. According to the Guru that ascertained this item from the other realm there was an exchange process that took place. There were some items that were required from our realm to be made into medicine in their realm. It is a seed from the other realm that has turned into stone hence it is a mystical. The seed is similar to those in our realm of the Dewadaru tree. This tree is renown for its innate properties, it repels snakes and poisonous animals and is also used in the healing of snake bites. This tree is favoured by Orang Bunian (mystical beings from the other realm, comparable to Elves). This item is highly prized in the other realm by the Orang Bunian. The Guru said that the Orang Bunian say that this item has the following powers:

- Improved inner energy

-Improved physical energy

-Ability to read the moves of ones enemies

-Ability to defend ones self in time of need

-Emergency impenatrability

The Guru said that through the right practice and ability people are able to dissapear from vision, become impenetrable and feared as required using this item. However this is dependent on the spiritual powers of the user him/herself. 

Our shaman has said that this item can be placed in plain drinking water, followed by some prayers can help to heal internal injuries. 

The Guru told us that one of the precautions on this talisman is that it cannot be  brought on a boat, it can cause calamaties such as very strong weather. It is however fine to use it in an airplane. 

Other precautions : Do not step over 

Special dzikir prayers will be done by our shaman for this item in accordance to the requirements of the buyer, ie. healing. Please provide the following details for this process:

If male: Full name and mother's name

If female: Full name and father's name

Market Price : USD 3400 Our Price:  USD 279.50. Special price for a limited period only: USD 268.00

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