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Khodamic Heavenly Peacock Bezoar Pearl Stone Extrctd From Other Realm

Khodamic Heavenly Peacock Bezoar Pearl Stone Extrctd From Other Realm
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Bezoar stones are pearl stones found amongst the digestive tract of animals. Although this is not always the case. These pearls stones are found within the body of the animal and sometimes found in plants too. These stones are commonly found in Indonesia and Malaysia and they are valuable stones. These stones are known to have magickal attributes, mystical virtues and metaphysical powers. Some of them are khodamic meaning having the khodam/spirit of the animal connected to the it, just as certain animals are known to have khodams that take care of them. 


This item was acertained through mystical means mainly an extraction process from the other realm. A dowry was paid in an exchange process with a being from the other realm in exchange for these stones which we have certain items from our realm were passed to them in the transfer process. The stones have been verified by a shaman/bomoh/medicine man to ensure they are khodamic. This bird and also heavenly peacocks are kept as pets in the other realm. This stone comes from a bird from the other realm not ours. 

This stone is from a peacock in the other realm not our realm, this stone is useful in the following areas:

  • Business improvement
  • Self Sweetener  (helps improves interpersonal relationships)
  • Appearance sweetener (helps improve appearance)
  • Speech sweetener (helps improve speech and communication)
  • Helps in influencing people through thoughts and words
  • Helps improve inner energy
  • Helps improve physical energy
  • Helps improve bodily strength

Origin: Indonesia Condition: New Approximate Size: Length of stone: 20 mm Width of stone: 15 mm Thickness: 10 mm  Free: 1000 flower oil sample bottle 

Note: As we have more than one of this item in stock currently the item you receive may vary slightly in terms of appearance from the one in the photo. All stones we have are almost the same in color and size but rest assured the mystical powers and benefits that they contain are all the same. Please check with us first for stock availability before purchase.


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