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Dewa Eye Gold Sand Stone Khodamic Wealth Love Evil Eye Protection Talisman (order now)

Dewa Eye Gold Sand Stone Khodamic Wealth Love Evil Eye Protection Talisman (order now)
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This is a Wealth and Love Talisman that helps in the following methods:

-Improves love life 

-Improves appearance in people’s eyes

-Improves business, paves the way for success

-Improved influential powers

-Smoothens ones path in life, helps to remove obstacles 

-Protection from evil eye, peoples bad intentions

-Protects from negative energies and calamities. 

This item is well known in local mystical circles as the Golden Eye Bezoar. This because of the pattern that appears out of natural means on this stone. It is of course rare and rarely found is such good shape as these group of stones that we recently acquired for our clients around the world. Some know it as the "Heavenly Eye or Dewa Eye" that is perpetually looking over its user and assisting in all matters of the users life. This item is kept in particular by Malaysian and Indonesian businessman, the elite and political members of society as a wealth and power magnet or talisman. This item has been kept as a secret talisman of the elite for 1000s of years. This item is filled with auric power for wealth and smoothen ones path in life. This item is high sort after because of the gold sand that is embedded in this gorgeous piece. This item is sold without a ring or pendant you to find its best way to keep/use it. However for VIPs if you require free DIY casing please inform us. 

How to use

Application of 1000 flower oil on a weekly or monthly basis on a Friday night. Instructions provided for khodamic items. 


Origin: Indonesia Approximate Size Length: 2.5cm Width: 2.5cm Thickness: 1.5cm Free: 1000 flower oil sample bottle, Market price/buy it now price of this item is USD300, VIP price USD 185.00, Current Listing Price : 195.00

Note: As we have more than one of this item in stock and they all look slightly different, please be advised that the item you receive might not look exactly the same as the one in the photo but rest assured the powers described are all the same as they are from the same extraction batch. 

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