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Datura Bezoar Pearl 7 Khodam Beautiful & Powerful Talisman Amulet (order now)

Datura Bezoar Pearl 7 Khodam Beautiful & Powerful Talisman Amulet (order now)
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About Us

We are a group of 4 friends of different faiths that have come together to make accessible to the world high-quality powerful amulets/talismans that are sourced directly from spiritual masters and experts in Asia. 

About this item

This item was ascertained by means of extraction or some would call pulled from the unseen realm or Alam Ghaib. This stone was ascertained in an exchange process with beings from the other realm. It is naturally khodamic from the onset with a wiling khodam (spirit guide). The khodam is of orang bunian origin (forest dwelling elves). To learn more about the extraction process one can view videos of it from our website suvrna dot com, under "Information" and "Articles by us". 

The Orang Bunian have a long standing history with humans of this realm. There are many documented stories of relations with human beings. They were created by God as are we in this realm. They are highly spiritual beings and some of them are kind enough to assist humans in a subtle manner as khodams. We have experienced appearance and communications in dreams, whispers etc when in time of need. Communication with these beings is done through a process that will be shared with its new owner. Application of certain oils on a weekly or monthly basis which will be provided with the item is also required. Those who are familiar with ilmu khodam and these sort of items would appreciate its powers. However for those beginners we will provide guidance through our manual and the rest of the work is up to you its new owner as it is a learning process. Those that are sensitive to energies will feel the heat emanating from it when holding it during zikir or chanting, some might feel cold, it depends on the person, some have sighted orbs appearing or specs of green or white lights appearing in the dark when trying to communicate with these items. 

This particular item was ascertained from an Ustaz (Muslim religious leader or cleric) who is adept in extraction process of such items. It was ascertained in an exchange process or dowry that was paid for it to beings of the other realm. According to the Ustaz it was released by an Orang Bunian person together with its khadam from the other realm. The Orang Bunian who released this stone is named "Tok Sila" who is a high ranking person from the other realm, he is a reverend/clergyman/ustaz in his realm who is highly regarded in his society. This item was released with 7 khodams of high ranking level of the orang bunian realm attached to it. It provides 5 main powerful benefits to its new owner:

- Assistance in sales/business/work/career progression.

-Improves once appearance and aura to people. 

-Increases influential powers of its keeper. 

-Provides ability to push thoughts into others or affect the way people think. 

-Increases inner energy. 

-Increases kundalini energy by increasing energy at this chakra point the user will also increase attraction and sexual energy. 

The source of this stone is that it is a bezoar pearl from a plant called "Datura Stramonium" also known as Datura or Jimson Weed.

 photo datura_zps0643bd92.jpg

No haggling or price reduction for this item as it diminishes the value of such items and shows no respect for its khodam. We wish all of you happy bidding on this wonderful piece. May peace be with you. 


Origin: Indonesia Condition: New  Free items: 1000 flower oil sample bottle, Guide book on how to maintain khodam and power of stone will be provided. 

As we have more than one of this item, the item that you receive may not look exactly as the one in the photo, all the stones are slightly different in shape and shade of color. Thanks. 

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Datura Bezoar Pearl 7 Khodam Beautiful & Powerful Talisman Amulet (order now)
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