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9 Khodam Yassin Shilling Money Mother Wealth Talisman & Anti Black Magick Amulet طلسم

9 Khodam Yassin Shilling Money Mother Wealth Talisman & Anti Black Magick Amulet  طلسم
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(Most suitable for Muslims) These Yassin Shillings/Coins have been used traditionally with the following uses in mind :

- Mother of Money, to call more money : Hold item in your hand, if one is Muslim he/she can chant the dzikir "Ya Ghoni" x 99 times and make a wish to Allah SWT/God to bless you with wealth. For other religions, hold the item in hand and say any prayer in accordance to your religion and ask God to bless you with the finances/wealth you require. 

- Has natural protection qualities aganist Black Magick practices. 

- Protection from Syaitan and negative energies wherever it is kept. 

- Protection from dangers when kept on body. 

- Protection from envy and spite of human beings. 

- Improves confidence and bravery when kept on body. 

These khodams have been attached to this items willingly.  They are made to resemble the old yassing shillings of yester years but with the same script and to added efficacy powerful khodams attached to them. During our communication with these beings they mentioned that they are mix male and female khodams that are all Muslim. 

They are not real monetary currency used but rather spiritual items from the past that were created to comemorate the arrival of Islam in South East Asia. Islam reached and was adopted in some South East Asian countries about 500 years ago. There are 7 generations of these coins in accordance to their age and in accordance to the number of Yassin on the coins. 

This Yassin Shilling is known as the khandaq. One side has the photo of an old man carrying his things using a walking stick. Local folk law says that this khandaq shilling is the best for wealth accumulation in comparison to other Yassin Shillings. The price of these Yassin Shillings can go up up into the thousands of USD because of their rarity but we feel it is our responsibility to make items as such accessble to people of all income levels and from around the world hence we are releasing this powerful item at the best price we could possibly. 

However this item you are looking at is an extremely special item with 9 khodams attached to it. These khodams are over 100 years old. We have 2 designs of these 9 Khodam Yassin Shilling available. However the powers & benefits remain the same.


Origin: Indonesia. Approximate Circumference: 40mm. Thickness: 2mm. Free items: Sample bottle of zafaron oil

How to keep the item

They can be kept in your cash register machine in shop/office at place of business, cash money box or wallet. To maintain this talisman apply some zafaron oil on the item on Friday evenings before prayers. Then hold item out in your hand/s and say BISMILLAH HIR ROHMAN NIR ROHIM x 3 times, Take deep breath " YA ALLAH/GOD THROUGH YOUR MERCY I ASK YOU TO EMPOWER THIS ITEM AND BLESS ME WITH ........" AMIN AMIN AMIN . Hold the item out in your hand/s and imagine a white light descending into the item from above. Then you can also chant Ya Ghoni x 100 times. To keep track of your chanting you can use these tasbih:

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