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Deer Skin Haykal Wealth, Charisma & Protection frm jinns & syaitan Anti Black Magick Talisman Amulet (order now)

Deer Skin Haykal Wealth, Charisma & Protection frm jinns & syaitan Anti Black Magick Talisman Amulet (order now)
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This is a well known Islamic Talisman from Indonesian. It is wrapped by pure deer skin and within it are specially Quaranic verses and diagrams chosen for their overall benefits. According to its creator this talisman provides the following benefits to its user:

1) Safety, functions as a personal shield from the capabilities of wickedness and brutality of some humans. 

2) Provides authority power over others.

3) Will be respected by enemies, InsyaAllah will not be looked down by people.

4) InsyaAllah when the user conducts business, business will florish smoothly through the blessings of Allah SWT. 

5) InsyaAllah will be protected from works of all Jinn and Syaitan.

6) Good for wealth attraction, is to be kept in wallet/purse.

How to use and care for your talisman.

Keep in wallet or purse. Do not get it wet. Do not bring to unholy places. To maintain talisman apply very very lightly not too much zafaron oil on the talisman on Friday evenings. Too much oil can spoil the talisman. You can also keep this talisman without oil. This oil practice is optional. Hold talisman in your hand/s stretched out in front of you, visualise what you want, make a wish and say BISMILLAH HIR ROHMAN NIR ROHIM x 3 times, Take deep breath " YA ALLAH/GOD THROUGH YOUR MERCY I ASK YOU TO EMPOWER THIS ITEM AND BLESS ME WITH ........" AMIN AMIN AMIN . Hold the item out in your hand/s and imagine a white light descending into the item from above.  


Legth: 5.5 cm Width: 3.5 cm


Do not step over

Stay away from negative thoughts and actions.

Do not boast about the power it has afforded you. 

Try not to be conceited in life. 

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