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Elephant Semen Charming Oil for Attraction, Love & Luck

Elephant Semen Charming Oil for Attraction, Love & Luck
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Elephant semen oil is renown in South East Asia and known to have among its active ingredients pheromones that can be used successfully for charming purposes, increasing confidence and changing ones aura. Usually the rock form of the semen from an elephant that has died from natural circumstances is extracted from the elephant, dried and ground with virgin coconut oil. Then certain incantations are chanted over the oil during the correct time astrologically to make this wonderful charming oil. 

This product was created using traditional Javanese mantras for charm in combination with certain special Surahs/Verses from the Quran for added power & protection. It was created during a very special time astrologically for maximum benefit. This oil was made in strict adherence to traditional methods using virgin coconut oil. 

Origin: Malaysia. Condition: New unused.  Type:  Elephant Semen OilApproximateSize and contents of Bottle : Length : 5 cm. Diameter : 1.5 cm. Contents: 5 ml Roller Ball Application Top for easy application and transport. Can be carried and applied anywhere at anytime. Roller ball bottle design may change from time to time and we will provide whatever is available at the time of purchase. Material: Virgin Coconut oil with a hint of jamine flower mixed with ground elephant semen and some elephant semen rock .  Katha/Mantra :   No matra required. Market Price: USD110

Benefits, God Willing/InsyaAllah:

- Increases confidence and charisma of its user.

- Makes one more attractive in the eyes of people. 

- Changes ones aura positively, those who are sensitive to auras might be able to see a green aura where the oil is applied. 

- Drives away negativity and bad luck, ushers good luck.

- Due to the Quranic verses read on this item, it provides protection to some level from negative entities that want to harm you.

- Improves relations with clients, friends, people in general. Can be applied on hand before shaking the hand of your target. 

- Can be used to charm people by application on the hand and touching them for example through a handshake.

- Can be used to makes ones girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend fall deeper in love with its user. 

How to use

An Instruction Manual in pdf file will be provided on how to use the product. Generally all that is required is application on the eyebrows of the user as and when required. But further directions on how to use the oil on targets will be explained in the info pack. Shake bottle well before use. Roll finger a couple of times over roller-ball to feel oil and apply.

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Elephant Semen Charming Oil for Attraction, Love & Luck
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Elephant Semen Charming Oil for Attraction, Love & Luck
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