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Islamic Paper Deer Talisman Tilasim Khadamic 4 prosperity & protection frm Black Magick (order now)

Islamic Paper Deer Talisman Tilasim Khadamic 4 prosperity & protection frm Black Magick (order now)
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About the talisman

We at are proud to be one of the first in the world to bring this product to the English speaking world. The Javanese (Java, Indonesia) are renown for their powerful spiritual items and charms in South East Asia just as are the Thai people. This is a part of a collection obtained from some very powerful but low key spiritual masters in Indonesia. On it you will find arabic script designed to bring about wealth attraction. 

This ritualised item rises when in contact with the energy from a person's hand. When placed on top of ones hand it reacts by rising. Those that are sensitive have reported intense heat emanating from it into their hands. The energy is mostly derived from the holy script that is written on it. The script on it is for accumulation or wealth and protection. According the producer. The paper which it is made from is from the stomach lining of the deer.    In any case God Willing/InsyAllah it will provide the following benefits to its owner:

- Protection from demonic jinns and black magick.

- Increased wealth flow & prosperity.

Check out the video below to see it in action.   Item will be further empowered using Muslim zikir methods without charge for its new owner. 

Talisman Specifications




Indonesia Condition: New unused Type : Paper Deer Wealth Talisman  Approximate Size Length : 15 cm on its peak Width : 8.5 cm Thickness : 0 cm Material : Special Paper with holy script. How to use: Carry it around with you, place at business premise, home, cash register, cash box. Chanting Quaranic verses/Dzikir can help maximise benefit from talisman. Do not expose to water or liquid of any kind, if you do you will destroy the paper. Precautions: Do not step or place on ground on purpose. 

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