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AJ Lao Takrut Kong Krapan, Bronze Version 强大的泰国护身符(SOLD OUT)

AJ Lao Takrut Kong Krapan, Bronze Version 强大的泰国护身符(SOLD OUT)
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This special khong krapan takrut was created by a living legend of Sak Yant Ajahn Lao. Although this amulet was designed for the purpose of khong krapan (invincibility to sharp objects) and klaew klad (avoidance of danger) it also can summon maha larp, good luck and wealth to the wearer. Everybody needs an amulet like this to protect themselves in dire situations, we never know when something dangerous is going to happen to us. It is better to be prepared and protect ones self. Most people go for amulets that bring wealth and seek out spirit amulets but forget to look at other aspects of protection from evil spirits and klaew klad + kong krapan. This amulet gives you a double triple bonus in that it protects you as well as enhances and luck. It really doesn't get any better.

Kong Krpan Testing medium size

Above photo of Kong Krapan Testing conducted by AJ Lao

Thai takrut is light weight, classic looking, beautiful to look at and will enhance any necklace. As we know AJ Lao is a master of sak yant. He hand wrote the yants on this takruds himself and blessed them arduously for many months. It was only given out to his looksit but now you have an opportunity unlike any other to own this beautiful piece at a very reasonable price. The only reason we are renting this out is because we want others to benefit from its power. I rented all of the stock of these takruts from Ajahn Lao and there aren’t anymore left at his samnak. So don’t miss this opportunity, once it has been rented out we won’t be able to replenish stock.


Origin: Thailand Condition: New Never Used Date rented from master: Feb  2011 Materials: Bronze foil and Gold Foil Approximate Size: Width 6.5 cm Diameter of thickness 1 cm Postage Cost: Free Shipping Worldwide Casing: Free Plastic waterproof Katha: Katha that was provided by AJ Lao will be provided in MP3 and text format. Where to be kept/ worn:  In pocket, on waist, hung on neck or hung in car for protection against accidents. 

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