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Powerful Cambodian Spirit Skulls amulet for protection, wealth/gambling, love, complete talisman amulet all in one set (last set SOLD)

Powerful Cambodian Spirit Skulls amulet for protection, wealth/gambling, love, complete talisman amulet all in one set (last set SOLD)
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About this master

Luang Phor TiYai is a monk magickal master who is practicing out of North East Thailand. He uses special Cambodian magick to make his amulets and talisman. An art that is long lost in Cambodia itself but passed down through him. His followers have reported miracles from this particular set of guiding spirit amulets. 

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About these items

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This collection was made to work in combination and beautifully compliment each other. They are from the same master and spirits/intelligences work well with each other. 

All of the items we have here are the premium versions with takruts imbedded inside for extra power and keeping the intelligences intact. This set is designed to provide attraction powers, wealth, luck and protection to its keeper. LP Ti Yai used his mind to bring these intelligences alive from the etherical realm for the very specific reason of helping its keeper. He is a serious practitioner of ancient magick with knowledge not like many others. 

The red skull is for protection. The programmed energy/intelligence/spirit is to keep the user away from harm, protect your belongings and valuable items. Looking over you at all items and yourself. He is a protector spirit that will fight on your behalf even when you don't know it. He will remove spirits that want to cause you harm. 

The white skull if for increasing charm. Helps the keeper on attraction matters in regards to opposite/same sex. Helps increase charisma and charm of the keeper indefinitely. Reports of guys getting the girls they want is abound on this talisman. Also married people in keeping their spouses. Source is the master himself, he is not a salesman just telling us the experience of his followers. 

The black/brown skull is for luck and wealth. This intelligence works to attract luck power to the keeper. Also for gambling purposes, it can be fruitful. Keepers of this item have reported striking lottery jackpots. This is also reported by the master himself. 

Ajarn said that there are no negatives to keeping this item and it is safe for all. It works by affecting willpower and happens naturally because of the sacred components contained within. 

This version of magick used by this master programs spirits/intelligence forms using mind power to perform certain duties. They are like spirit robots if you like, hence this type of magick can be performed by monks. Some people prefer these types of items because they are not spirits but yet perform a duty for the keeper. The energy is also cleaner, this is also visible from the katha, "Namo Tassa" is used which is giving reverence to the Buddhist religion, pure spirit items do not usually use this katha for summoning. 

Steve one of our team members keeps this item and highly recommends it. No more should be said. 

How to use : 

Hold in hands

Namo Tassa Bhakawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassak x 3

Sook Sik Sook Sak Ak Pak Ak x 3 (recording provided upon request)

Make wish, visualize your wish already happening in your minds eye. 

Note: When taking this talisman to your home you must burn 9 incense sticks to tell the spirits at your home that you are bringing this talisman set into your home and to let them work with you peacefully. Then burn 3 incense sticks for these spirits and a glass of plain water as offering to invite them. Then chant the above katha. 

Client experiences;

 d)      From our experience in selling and dealing with Khodamic talismans we have had clients, who are able to experience, feel & see certain things with Khodamic talismans and some people are not able to feel or see anything at all. This dependent mainly on the person?s psychic level, sensitivity to the unseen worldWe have had many clients who have been able to experience various feelings and sightings.

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