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Kruba Noi Charming Lip Wax (ALL SOLD OUT)

Kruba Noi Charming Lip Wax (ALL SOLD OUT)
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About Wat Sri Don Moon, Chiang Mai - Kruba Noi


One of Thailand's best talisman creators. A living gradmaster of modern day. It is extremely rare to be able to meet such a high level master in Thailand. Words hardly describe the feeling when visiting his temple. The is an air of serenity and strong spiritual energy that can be felt. The wife of one of our team members when she visited one of the temples within the grounds started to tear, although she was not a devout Buddhist she was touched by the energy, within the main viharn, it is hard to explain. 

Wat Sri Don Moon is located in the outskirts about 45 minutes away from Chiang Mai. At a small exit along the motorway the exit runs into Thai country side throwing you back 100s of years, the nostalgia abounds, as you see paddy fields and houses on stilts. After about 10 minutes from the exit Wat Sri Don Moon appears, totally conspicuous amidst its surrounding. It is an ornate temple but not excessively grand.

As visible from our photos, we are not traders of talismans, we do not buy these talismans from other traders and sell them on ebay. We rent them directly at temples/masters/powerspots and bring them to you. We travel to these far away locations to bring these items to people like you around the world who are unable for whatever reason to visit these places themselves. The profit we make goes to cover our travel expenses and to fund new travels to bring you more authentic talismans directly from masters in South East Asia.

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Kruba Noi arriving at 6 am in the morning at Wat Sri Don Moon

This item

This charming wax from Kruba Noi is rare. Made from special charming essences collected by the monks of Wat Sri Don Moon this charming wax was made using ancient techniques to increase charisma, charm and love for the user. It was strongly blessed by monks and Wat Sri Don Moon and Kruba Noi. An excellent item that should be applied for at least 7 days to start with everyday and then whenever necessary. Nak Phrang Nak Metta is the chant for this item as well. Helps in

- Developing attraction, creating an auro of loving kindness for user to appear more appealing to people. 

- Opposite sex/same sex attraction. 

- Helps one charm their way through situations. 

- Also helps salespeople and businessman alike increase sales. 

- Helps the individual get more attention/looks from people. 

- Provies extra boost to close deals and have metta mahaniyom and mahasaney. 

- Just has general overall benefit of applying this holy item to your body even before prayers. Helps elevate spiritual level when applied on third eye before meditation and chanting. 

Please note: This item is currently SOLD OUT. If you require this item please email us. We will update here when item is available.


Client experiences;

From our experience in selling and dealing with talismans we have had clients, who are able to experience, feel & see certain things with talismans and some people are not able to feel or see anything at all. This dependent mainly on the person’s psychic level, sensitivity to the unseen worldWe have had many clients who have been able to experience various feelings and sightings.

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