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Miracle Kalimah Allah Opal Stone Ring (SOLD)

Miracle Kalimah Allah Opal Stone Ring (SOLD)
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This is an extremely rare natural occuring Kalimah Allah on an Opal Gem Stone. This white Opal Gem Stone was polished and mounted on a simple ring. Opal stones were formed many millions of years ago and have a very special angelic connection.

This types of events do happen and can be seen on all types of items from fruits to trees. This item is priceless and might not be ever be found again. We feel it is our responsibility to release this item to the world and not keep it merely for our own selvish appreciation. We have seen items like this being sold for over USD1000. This item is a life-time treasure and should be treasured in ones life time and pass down to the next generation as it is a miracle from Allah/God akin to a message to us mankind of his love and mercy. 

Insya Allah/God Willing, those wearing this ring will receive the following benefits:

- Protects from danger. 

- Protects from maliciousness, envy and grudges that anyone may have against its user. 

- Provides increased inner energy power.

- Will be well liked by all.  

- Opal Clears negative emotions, stone of hope and great achievements.

- Opal instills Hope and Good Luck also a powerful healing stone. 


Origin: Indonesia Approximate Size: Ring Size US 6-10. Please let us know your ring size upon purchase. If ring can't be worn on finger for whatever reason it can be strung around the neck like a talisman pendant and has the same effect. For ring to be made nicely it takes up to 7 working days to complete. Stone Length approx: 13 mm, Stone Width approx: 12 mm


Do not take into place where prostitution is conducted. 

Try not to take into toilet if possible. 

Try not to step over, treat item with respect. 

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Miracle Kalimah Allah Opal Stone Ring (SOLD)
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