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2 pc Islamic Warrior Vest & Head Scarf Malaysia Indonesia Talisman Physical Protection Anti Black Magick

2 pc Islamic Warrior Vest & Head Scarf Malaysia Indonesia Talisman Physical Protection Anti Black Magick
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2 piece Islamic Warrior Vest & Head Scarf

These types of vests have been worn by warriors in Malaysia and Indonesia by warriors in ancient times during war. Purpose of which was to imbue bravery and impenetrability onto its wearer. Similar vest were also used in Thailand with their own symbols in accordance to their religion. Some of these symbols for these best are nowadays also used to create talismans to keep on body and place around home especially above entrance for protection and anti black magick. 

Although for some they may just view it as script on cloth but for those that are sensitive the energy from this item can be felt. Do not doubt the power of this simple item. It was made in the right manner with the correct script as designed by the Ustaz who provided the special script for this item to be made which he ascertained from ancient text. 

We have black color with gold scripts, powers and benefits are the same for all sold and it is provided by the same Ustaz who made a simple amulet for layman to carry. 

Powers & Benefits that this item presents:

Insya Allah user will be safe from all calamity.

Insya Allah will make the wearer impenetrable in emergencies from sharp objects. 

Insya Allah user will be safe from libel and slander.

Insya Allah you will be honored by Allah in all endeavours.

Insya Allah you will gain the trust of your bosses if you have any.

Insya Allah you will make a decent living and prosper, helps in career and business purposes.

Insya Allah business will proper if user has one.

Insya Allah user will be protected from all evil including Jinns and Demons.

Insya Allah those that are not married will get married.

Insya Allah if kept at home will prevent the home from fire and theft.

Insya Allah if kept around the rear view mirror or dashboard will prevent from accidents.

Insya Allah protects from serious bodily harm if warn on body. 


People who wear this talisman cannot be arrogant and conceited

People who wear this talisman should stay away from doing injustice like threatening others and committing large sins. 

When wearing this talisman one should stay away from all types of feces, hence try not to take into toilet especially when doing a number 2.  

Do not step on it or cross over it.


Origin: Malaysia Condition: New Material: Black Cloth with Gold Print. This item is sold in FREE SIZE only. Approximate FREE SIZE measurement: Lenght: from shoulder down to hips: 64 cm or 25 inches. Wide: from shoulder to shoulder: 49 cm or 19 inches. Chest: 50cm or 19 1/2 inches. Armpit: 23-25 cm or 9 inches. Neck: 23 cm or 9 inches. Color: Black come with 4 buttons infront. Headscarf approx. measurement: 155 cm/65 inches x 115 cm/45 inches.

Postage Cost: Free Postage Worldwide.

How to wear and/or where to keep: This item can be tied/worn on the waist, kept in a bag, kept in car for protection against accidents, kept in house and on body in pocket, wallet etc.

Methods of Usage:

Optional usage methods for martial arts and/or general purposes:

Allahu Akhbar x 3 and say " Ya Allah I ask for the blessings and magickal power of this talisman to be present, to be present, to be present". Then take a deep breath slowly hold your breath, tense your chest and hands and visualise as well as ask what you want you want to achieve, then release whatever breath you have forcefully. 

After that say the Istigfar (AsTaghFirRullah Al Adzim) then blow onto hands, do this three times. Then wipe hands on face.  

(This can be done in your own language accept for the Arabic parts of course) 


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Client experiences;

 d)      From our experience in selling and dealing with Khodamic talismans we have had clients, who are able to experience, feel & see certain things with Khodamic talismans and some people are not able to feel or see anything at all. This dependent mainly on the person’s psychic level, sensitivity to the unseen worldWe have had many clients who have been able to experience various feelings and sightings.

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 photo d91db010-febc-4aca-b757-8443a46927e8_zpsde2795c3.jpg
 photo 65ffcb46-4b75-4d6e-af3c-a7050b9007a9_zps24455961.jpg












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Shipping and Handling

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As mentioned all items are sent with tracking numbers. Seller will not be responsible for product once item has been posted. If you require insurance please contact us for a quote. At present local pick up is not available. 


Estimated Delivery Time

Asia & Australasia

7-10 days

U.K & Europe

10-15 days

U.S & Canada

15-18 days


The onus is on the customer to check if there are any customs duties or related fees for a product prior to purchase, we will not be held responsible in the event any fees are levied on the client in their country. However all items will be shipped as "gifts". 


Bid & buy it now rules

Buyers are expected to pay as soon as possible and no later than 3 days after a buyer wins or buys an item. If buyer does not pay for an item within 3 days, we will open an unpaid item case. Buyers then have 4 days to pay and resolve the matter after the case opens. If no payment is received within that period then the case will automatically be closed and action will be taken on the buyer by ebay. This is because we have to pay 10% or more to ebay on every item sold. Thank You for your understanding. 


Feedback Policy

We only leave feedback once feedback has been left for us. 


Return Policy

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Customers must seek prior approval for any returns. We offer a seven days money back guarantee, which means return dispute has to be raised within 7 days of item being received by buyer. Return postage is born by buyer. Refund will be made within 7 days of item being received by seller in an unused and new condition, items must be in packaging and shipping must be via first class registered air mail with tracking number. A 12% restocking fee applies to all items returned.

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