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Home/Self Cleansing and Home/Office/Business Door Protection Set

Home/Self Cleansing and Home/Office/Business Door Protection Set
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We constantly get asked from people for things to protect themselves and homes/offices from ghosts, black magick, evil intentions etc. We explain to them it is not as easy as just placing an item there and it all goes away. There are different situations with different varying levels of hautings and disturbances, . However generally speaking these are techniques used by some in this region. 

Items provided in this set:

1) Wafaq, Oil and Bukhur, Bath & Home/Office Cleansing Set (can also be bought seperately) 

 photo 85a5caaf-1322-48d7-956c-835a5f1750f4.jpg

2) Incense Cups and Benjamin Gum Incense Set of 24 cups

 photo 6e29f220-7368-4018-8773-2ff7d024280f.jpg

3) Wafaq Taweez Nail and Wafaq Taweez Cloth 

 photo 393eab15-0a00-4ab5-89fd-9c8e83324c36.jpg  photo 49803b7b-f6f2-48c9-ad7f-1f163fecec7d.jpg

Step 1

The first step would be to spiritually cleanse themselves to ensure no negative energies are lingering in their aura. Further instructions on how to use the oil, wafaq and incense from the wafaq can be found here.

Step 2

Second step would be cleanse their homes, this can be done using Garlic, Vinegar and Salt for a floor wash, start from back to front, upstairs to downstairs. Ensure that all corners are cleaned. Negative energy like to accumulate in coners for some reason.

Step 3 (Some Muslim's do not believe in burning incense some argue it is not necessary etc. this is totally up to your own view, we are giving this advice for everyone. If you do not feel comfortable with burning incense leave this step out)

Then burn incense (benjamin gum) on charcoal. For the ease of people we have prepared this set with these items for incensing. They are cups that burn and allow for benjamin gum to be placed inside and for it to be burned. First burn the cup and then pour some benjamin gum incense as provided inside. Leave it for a minute or two to properly burn. Then walk around the home/office, once again from top to bottom back to front, ending at front door. Go around to each corner in the home with the incense at the same tiem at each doorway you come across, starting from the top left of each doorway to the right then down to the bottom right then bottom left then back up to the top left. Essentially making a square. Then from the top middle of the door down to the bottom middle then from middle left to the middle right. Finally do the same for the main door of the home.

Step 4 

Then from the redish liquid provided drop some of the oil into water, drop the wafaq plastics into water as well. Use that water to sprinkle around the home/office, especially the front door. You can do this effectively by placing it in a water bottle that has a spray nozzle or just simply take some water in your hand and flick it around on walls and especially in corners. This is to further cleanses the home and usher in good luck. For further instructions of the liquid and wafaq set click here

Step 5

Install the holy nail and cloth, wrapped up with the nail inside as we have provided to you, above the main door and back door. 

Perform the cleansing rituals once a month or so to keep the home thoroughly cleansed. 

To prevent negative energies from attaching themselves to you and bringing it back to the home, cheaper talismans that we can use are as such:

Islamic Ruqyah Tilasim (Talisman)

Protective Islamic Talismanic Waist Belt

All available on our website.

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