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Black Lightning Stone Ring Protection, Anti Black Magick, Increase Confidence Talisman (order now)

Black Lightning Stone Ring Protection, Anti Black Magick, Increase Confidence Talisman (order now)
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Price: $250.00
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Model: BLSRing01
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This is a unique and powerful protective talisman. Lightning stones are rare, black lightning stone are even more rare, common ones are earthy in color. In ancient days this stone was used to make kerises that are known to have supernatural powers. Legend has it that this makes its user invulnerable to sharp weapons. The shaman who found the stone sold it to us and we have made it into a rings. It is said that this stone occurs when a very strong unearthly lightning hits the ground the ground turns into this lightning stone. This lightning stone is very well cut, processed, polished and mounted onto rings.

Mythology states that the Black Lightning stone is created when a demon is struck by lightning and turns into stone. It has the following effects:

- Scares away demons/evil spirits/ghosts/jins

- Increases confidence in its wearer

- Protects from black magick & psychic attacks by people

- Protects from evil eye & jealousy of people

- Protects its wearer when enemies attack 

- This item is non khodamic

There are people selling Lightning stones in excess of USD 500 and that is not even set on a ring.  


Length of stone: 2 cm. Width of stone: 1.4 cm. Ring material: Stainless steel.  Please provide us your US ring size upon purchase. Standard Ring Size: US 5 - 8 available. 

Please note: As this item is a high turn over item we will not change the photo, not all the stones looks exactly the same but they have been fashioned to look mostly similar, the stone you receive might not look exactly the same but very similar rest assured their spiritual power is the same. Ring size in stock will be approximately around ring sizes 5-8 US. If we do not have your ring size it can be made and will take approx. 5-7 working days to be nicely completed. Please check with us for current ring size in stock and also provide us your US ring size upon purchase/order. We will also provide you a standard ring chart upon confirmation of your order for you to determine your ring size. If ring size does not fit it can be worn as a pendant or talisman on your body and it has the same effects. We have 3 types of these ring designs, one is plain, square cut stone and available, the other has the Chinese character "Fat" pronounced phonetically like "cart" which means good luck, round or oval shaped stone which is not avaliable now. The last type has an eagle, round or oval shaped stone and still available now. Rest assured the powers & benefits are in the Black Lightning Stone and remain the same for all ring designs. If the ring design matters to you please check with us which types we have in stock  before purchase. However the photos will remain on our website to give our customers an idea of the ring designs made available.

 photo 8eb98ea8-80e2-4ddc-8f7f-4f34bff4af74_zpsadd6071f.jpg  photo 5d9886e4-9978-4def-ac24-316da70fc921_zps7a6a712d.jpg

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