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Stigi Wood Tasbih Tasbeeh Dzikir Islamic Rosary.

Stigi Wood Tasbih Tasbeeh Dzikir Islamic Rosary.
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About this amulet/talisman

This is a unique and very rare Stigi Wood Tasbih, which is the type made and used by some Indonesian Shamans/Al-Hikmah and Silat practitioners for meditation (cemeti) and chanting (dzikir/mantra). We managed to obtain only one of this item from them. Stigi wood is renown for its metaphysical qualities in protection of its wearer from physical and psychic attacks (black magick etc to a certain level). This magickal wood works by itself and does not require any imbuing of energy etc through ritual or mantras. The tasbih is strung together by a steel cable that is extremely strong and is said to be able to have a strength of 500 pounds, hence it is used by Silat practitioners also as a whip and is strung around the waist as a talisman cum concealed weapon. 

The Stigi wood provides the following powers, benefits & qualities:

- Helps increase concentration for meditation and chanting.

- Helps increase confidence and charisma. 

- Helps in overall protection.

- Keeps negative spirit entities at bay. 

- Keeps safe during travels.

To further increase the latent power within this item, item will be infused/empowered with positive energy (using Muslim-Javanese practice) and prepared for the buyer according to his/her name. For males please provide mother's name and for females father's name. If you are of another religion do not want the empowering process to be conducted, we will simply prepare the item according to your name and item can be used for Mantera chanting according to your own practice.

How to use:

Can be worn around the waist, strung around the neck, used during chanting/meditation.  Helps to better conect with the higher consciousness to request assitance in life from all aspects. Can be used to attract prosperity, love, status, conduct mind control, all depending on the practice of its user.  The item when used in dzikir practice helps to induce better efficacy of the practice. 


Do not step over, can only be used by those that have reached puberty, do not take to places where illicit activities take place like brothels etc. 


Origin: Indonesia Material: Wood. Condition: New Approximate Size: Head Length: approx. 6 - 7 inches long. Tail Length approx. 5 inches. Body Length: approx. 49 - 50 inches. Color: Black as seen in photo with wafaq wordings. Approx. Net wt.: 400-435gm.

This Item maybe SOLD OUT due to popular demand. If you still need this item, pls. email us first for check stock availability before making payment. When item is available we will update you. Any questions pls. email us. Thankyou.

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Stigi Wood Tasbih Tasbeeh Dzikir Islamic Rosary.
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Stigi Wood Tasbih Tasbeeh Dzikir Islamic Rosary.
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