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Cleansing wafaq bath, salt to eat and burn, Protection & Reversing Black Magick #islamiccleansingbath (Order now for the New Year 2022)

Cleansing wafaq bath, salt to eat and burn, Protection & Reversing Black Magick #islamiccleansingbath (Order now for the New Year 2022)
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Order now to start the New Year 2023 in the right direction.

This is a special item for a ritual cleansing bath used in South East Asia. This item helps to improves ones aura and has multi-purpose effects depending on the method of usage. As most of us are in contact with other people on a daily basis we tend to pick up energies from others unknowingly. As we visit various places, including bars, clubs etc we also pick up energies from these places, that may not always be positive. Also some self created negative emotions linger in our aura from past traumas. Negative entities/spirits/jins etc are attracted to people with negative thoughts and emotions. Hence a vicious cycle. In order to break away from these negativity, fellings and entities that may be attached to us unknowingly we use this ritual cleansing bath to cleanse our aura. Most people do this once a month. The benefits that are purported for this product are as follows:

-Helps to cure those that are under spiritual attack from withches/black magick etc. 

-Might help in curing certain illnesses.

-Helps Improve business, sense of feeling at business premise, reduces arguments keeps, brings forth prosperity and peace.

-Provide an attractive aura to a person, for all purposes including attraction of the opposite sex/same sex, friendship, business etc. 

Methods of Usage:

1) For some unsolveable illnesses/spiritual illnesses:  Pour the oil into a bucket of water. Place the rolled up wafaqs (rolled up Quaranic verses) into the water. Leave the water for 30 mins. Come back in 30 mins stir the water whist saying  “BisMillahIrRohmanIrRohim" x 3 times, which means in English " In the name of God/Allah", the bath water with your hand. Visualise a white light coming from above making a bubble around you, state with strong intent that you are cured of this illness. Do this in the day time before 12pm preferably. Try to use luke warm water or warm water the only reason being, it is recommended to try not to wipe directly after the bath, let the water sit on your body for as long as possible. Another alternative is you could make a bath in a clean bathtub with the above instructions and soak in the bath for a bit, afterwards also try not to wipe dry. The objective of not wiping dry is to allow the oils to soak into your both for as long as possible and possibly dry on your body. 

You can also use only half of the oil and keep the balance to be sprayed around your home but not less than that as it will be too diluted. It is easier to use a spray bottle for this and remember to place the Wafaqs in the spray bottle too. After use the wafaq can be kept with you in your purse/wallet or in your home for protection/above door if you'd like or kept on altar. You'll be collecting quite a few of these wafaqs over the years, so If you have to throw them away, they can be thrown into flowing water, for example a river. 

2) For those under spiritual attack or if you just feel you need to be cleansed internally: Do the bath like mentioned above but ensure to spray around your home especially in corners or the space/home/office. Take a small pinch of the special salt substance place it in drinking water and drink it in the morning before 12pm. Keep the balance to be burned as directed here. If you're not using incense to burn the salt, then wrap it in cigarette paper at the place you want to cleanse at night after 6pm and burn that cigarette paper.  

3) For those looking to improve their attractiveness and cleanse aura: Same instructions as number 1

4) For those wanting to improve business/aura at business premise:   For your ease use a spray bottle for this. Pour the oil into the spray bottle with water. Place the wafaqs into the water. Leave for 30 mins. Shake the bottle, chant the Bismillah x 3. Spray on all the items you want to sell. This can also be used if you want to sell a house, car etc. Burn the salts at night at the premise of business, after 6 pm. Like mentioned above either with incense or for your convenience wrap inside cigarette paper. 

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