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LP Thongdam, Poo Lersi Gao Nah ( 9 face Lersi) wood (SOLD OUT)

LP Thongdam, Poo Lersi Gao Nah ( 9 face Lersi) wood (SOLD OUT)
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This is a poweful amulet for wealth fetching purposes and overall protection. These batch of amulets were created for the purpose of raising funds for the construction of the Roon Sarngviharn Monastry Building in Thailand. LP (Luang Phor = Grandmaster) Thongdum invited 108 hermits together to bless this sacred object. The object was also blessed by another 8 great masters of Thailand. 1) LP Poon of Barnpan Temple, Ayutthaya 2) LP Sanaejahn of Jahntalungsi Temple, Maha Sarakham 3) LP Chalam of Puttapradit Temple, Maha Sarakham 4) LP Soe of Dornyaipoen Temple, Singburi 5) LP Man of Nahtanarngnok Temple, Ayuthaya 5) LP Aoen of Dantai Temple, Ayutthaya, LP Sunya of Glanbangkaew Temple, Nakhon Pathom 6) LP Toanboon of Toonggula Chalermraj Temple, Roi Et. Chanting was peformed by all monks during a ceremony from Wat Rakhang Kositaram Temple in Bangkok. 

The 9 Lersi Heads in this amulet are:

Por Gae (Lersi Parodmunik) :He is a stage performer and is known to provide knowledge to this realm for the betterment of all.

        Lersi Chiwaka : A great physicians who took care for the Lord Buddha, his purpose is the grant health. 

        Lersi Phet Chalugan (Bull Head Lersi) : This Lersi has supernatural powers and is sometimes connected to the Vishnu’s reincarnation or a boar, his purpose is to grant supernatural power and high influence.

            Lersi Narod: Also a musical deva whose purpose is to grant success in regards to Metta Maha Saney (opposite sex attraction) and Metta Maha Niyom (great popularity). 

             Lersi Narai: A wicca (magick) practioner and is renowned in the spheres of black magick and traditional medicine and granting authority over others. Hence is seeked for protection against black magick and Maha Amnaj (Authority over others).

            Lersi Tafai: Also known as as ‘fire eyes’, he is seeked by those seeking supernatural powers authority and is during Thai wicca ceremonies he is conjured. Hence his sphere of protection or specialisation is within magickal matters and opening 3rd eye (6th sense). 

        Lersi Na Seua (Tiger Face Lersi): People pray to him to sudue and suppress  their enemies. Also for Maha Amnaj (Authority over others). 

            Lersi Promma Pramit: He is known to be large in size and exceptionally tall and purpose is for granting authority over others.

            Lersi Tawa: He is a master alchemist and power to assist in this field. 

        LP Thongdam with orbs (deva balls) appearing in his auric field and on the amulets during blessing ceremony:     


       Amulet Specs:

       Material: Potent powder from holy tree. SizeHeight : 5.1 cm Width: 2.83 cm Function of amuletWealth fetching & overall protection

       Postage : Worldwide free shipping

       Casing: Free Plastic Waterproof

      Item SOLD OUT. Check with us first for stock availability before making payment, if you still need this item. When item available we will update system. Any questions pls. let us know

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LP Thongdam, Poo Lersi Gao Nah ( 9 face Lersi) wood (SOLD OUT)
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LP Thongdam, Poo Lersi Gao Nah ( 9 face Lersi) wood (SOLD OUT)
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