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AJ Thoy Dabos Tiger Head Amulet (SOLD OUT)

AJ Thoy Dabos Tiger Head Amulet (SOLD OUT)
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This special and powerful yet beautiful bold protection amulet is AJ Thoy’s Tiger Head amulet. Inserted at the back is a bullet shell and yants written by AJ Thoy himself. 

Effect  of this amulet:

1) Bring forward good luck and remove bad luck.

2) To escape for danger especially bullets and invulnerability otherwise known as KongKrapan.

3) To undoubtedly create and aura of authority about you otherwise known as MahaAmnat in the eyes or people. 

4) Improve ones level of confidence.

5) Prevent back stabbers and quarrelling.

6) Make you a courageous fearless in the eye of danger, yet it will protect you from all danger.

7) Also I have been informed that this amulet serves as a deterrent on evil spirits. Also ward to ward away bad dreams place this amulet under your pillow, beside you or on you while you sleep. 


Amulet Specifications

Type : Protection & Authority Amulet Ajahn/Temple : Samnak Ajahn Thoy Dabos Casing: FREE Plastic Waterproof casing, Date obtained from Ajahn : 18.06.10,Size : Length : 5.3 cm, Width : 4.5 cm, Thickness : 2 cm

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