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Khodamic Black Lightning Stone Ring Powerful Protection (order now)

Khodamic Black Lightning Stone Ring Powerful Protection (order now)
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Price: $260.00
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Model: KhoLtnStn01
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This is a unique and powerful khodamic item mainly directed at protection at the highest level. Lightning stones are rare, black lightning stone are even more rare let along one that is khodamic. In ancient days this stone was used to make kerises that wer known to have supernatural powers. Legend has it that is makes its user invulnerable to sharp weapons. Usually lightning stones are bronzish in colour. Its creator told us that this lightning stone comes from a larger piece that was smaller than a golf ball that was obtained from a mountain top in Northern Jawa. It is said that this stone occurs when a very strong unearthly lightning hits the ground the ground turns into this lightning stone. Mythology states that the lightning stone is created when a demon is struck by lightning and turns into stone. It has has the following effect:

- Scares away demons/evil spirits/ghosts/jins

- Increases confidence in its wearer. 

- Protects from black magick & phychic attacks by people.

- Protects from evil eye & jealousy of people. 

- Protects its wearer when enemies attack.

The market price for this item is in excess of USD 500 and that being in South East Asia. 

How to use

Application of 1000 flower oil or zafaron oil on at least a monthly basis is recommended, upon which communication by verbalising intent can be carried out. Preferably on a Friday, if done weekly this would be better. 


Origin: Indonesia Condition: New Metal used: Stainless Steel. Approximate Ring Size: Standard Ring Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9. Pls. provide us your ring size upon purchase. (Item can also be strung aroung the neck like a talisman and has the same effect.) Do not expose to strong detergents, shampoo etc. Remove ring from finger if you have to use strong detergents or shampoo. Care for these ring items are necessary like you would for your costume jewelry.

For ring sizes: We will provide you International Ring size measurement chart.

Please note:

- We have more than one of this stone/item, they all vary as they are unique items. A photo will be sent to you through request or before dispatch if you choose to pay first. 

- Upon confirmation of address, for some items we may ask for your mother's name if you are a male and father's name if you are female to complete the ritual of connecting to keeper. 

- Some Items they will be blessed by ustaz one last time before sending. 

- If a ring you will be asked about your ring size. 

- Our rings are made by hand by village artisans so the finish is not machine-like or western. 

- If at any point in the future after some time of trying you find that the energies of the item is not suitable for you, you can plant the item under an old tree or release in running water (river/sea). 

- All items will come with a guidance booklet if you so require please let us know. Thank You. 

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Khodamic Black Lightning Stone Ring Powerful Protection (order now)
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Khodamic Black Lightning Stone Ring Powerful Protection (order now)
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