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Ajahn Meng Nang Rab 孟的Khun Paen强大的泰国护身符 (last piece) SOLD / OUT OF STOCK

Ajahn Meng Nang Rab 孟的Khun Paen强大的泰国护身符 (last piece) SOLD / OUT OF STOCK
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This is the last piece of the highly in demand Nang Rab. Highly in demand. SOLD / OUT OF STOCK

AJ Meng Nang Rab (Butterfly Windfall Lady)


This Nang Rab amulet is one of AJ Meng’s powerful amulets, the spirit contained within this amulet will assist the user and warn in case of any dangers. AJ Meng’s amulets are especially well known in the areas of Charm, Sexual Attraction and Wealth attraction. 

This is a fantastic amulet for charming people as well as overall luck. It’s a beautiful amulet indeed and has its own special magnetic aura about it, which I felt attracted to when I first saw it. This amulet was strongly blessed by AJ Meng until he felt the Prai Pi Sueaa Nang Rab deity was contained within the amulet. I rented this amulet on your behalf and AJ Meng activated them before I took them. 

AJ Meng created this charming amulet through unique mixture of old masses that he has kept for a long period of time mixed together with charming substances and Phong Prai Athan powder. The result is a powerful amulet that’s made to help the masses. 








The energy from this amulet will increase sexual appeal, charm and it has been said that she will help in work and family life as well. As the name also suggest windfall lady means help in gambling or speculative luck. 








NOTE: This is a potent amulet and these beings from the realm of sensual pleasure should be shown respect just like any other Buddhist amulet. AJ Meng has given instructions of how to pray to the spirit of the amulet which will be given to the buyer, also AJ Meng recommended that this amulet be kept in the pocket or on waist and not worn on neck.


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Condition: Not new but in almost new condition some slight blemishes on plastic in front, very minimal almost not noticeable, amulet already had a slight chip on front side before casing as visible, was rented like that from AJ Meng. Ajahn: Ajahn Meng Khun Pean Rented from: Samnak Ajahn Meng Khun Pean Bangkok Casing Type: Plastic Water Proof Size : 3.5 cm in diameter, Thickness : 0.5mm Shipping: Included in Price (free worldwide)

 This amulet is great for: 

• Creating an aura of Charm around the person

• Assisting you in bringing out the most charming qualities hidden within you.

• Improving happiness at home and work.

•Speculative luck

•Assisting you in being aware of good opportunities

•Charming your clients and assisting you in being more convincing      

• Improving your family and life in general. 

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