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Ajahn Meng Rian Khun Pean (SOLD)

Ajahn Meng Rian Khun Pean (SOLD)
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We have decided to release the last piece from our personal collection to benefit the masses. We kept one for ourselves to admire because it is so unique. There are Symbols at the back from Judeo-Christian Magick. Never have we seen such symbols on Thai Talismans. This is probably the last item of its kind. After selling this item we will only have the photos to show and talk about. Anyway this is what we have to do. 

This amulet is unique amulet like no other. When you look at the back of this amulet you will see some mysterious looking sigils. The Sigils caught my eye when I first saw them on the amulet because I knew what sigisl they were. They were not yants like on ANY OTHER amulets I have seen from Thailand. This amulet is TRULY ONE of a kind. If one looks closely you’ll recognise the Romanised script with the names of the Arch Angels “Rafael and Uriel” on one sigil. In the Christian and Cabbalistic religion Raphael and Uriel together with Michael and Gabriel are archangels of god each being the guardian of one cardinal direction. They are conjured during banishing rituals commonly practiced in societies like the Golden Dawn.  As for one of the other sigils at the back, the one I recognise is in the middle representing the spirit/angel Och. Och is part of the Olympian Spirit group and the job of these spirits is to declare destinies, and to administer fatal charms, so far forth as god allows them.  

A fusion of magickal techniques have been used to create this potent amulet. Thai Buddhist amulets can be used by all religions and the same applies to this amulet, after all tech is tech it’s the effectiveness that’s most important.  This amulet is a rare and valuable item and I expect anybody who wants to ‘rent’ this item will treat it with the utmost respect.

The amulet is made of Alapacca silver (metal alloy) and comes in a brilliant bold and manly sealed silver casing.  


Condition: New never used Diameter : 4.6cm Thickness: 1cm. Date obtained from AJ Meng: 20.06.2010. Material: Alapacca Shipping: FREE   Casing: Free Full Waterproof as seen in photo

This amulet geared at assisting in the following area: 

  • Endowing you with powerful charming ability. 
  • Protecting your from malefic forces. 
  • Making you appear more attractive in the eyes of women.
  • Creating a positive and attractive aura around you. 

AJ Meng has provided the katha for this amulet which we will provide. 

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Ajahn Meng Rian Khun Pean (SOLD)
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