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Ajahn Meng Mha Sap Nang (SOLD OUT)

Ajahn Meng Mha Sap Nang (SOLD OUT)
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This particular amulet is a special powerful pha yant (Yantra Printed on cloth) and is very well known in Thailand and around the world to increase charm, sexual appeal, attractiveness and success in love. AJ Meng strongly blessed this pha yant with special incantations by himself for a long period of time. It is potent with sensual and attraction energy.


Origin: Thailand Condition: New Never Used Condition: New never used as are all amulets in my shop. Length: 22cm. Width: 19 cm. Date obtained from AJ Meng: 20.06.2010. Material: Cloth. Katha/Mantra: The special katha for this pha yant will be provided in MP3 as well as in pdf. Shipping: Included into price of item USD 5.00

This amulet aims to provide:

1)      Strong sexual charm and attraction.

2)      Sexual strength.

3)      High charming ability.

4)      Love attraction.

5)      Powerful Metta Maha Sanae (powerful ability to attract opposite sex).


This pha yant can be kept in one’s trousers or wallet hence making it easily transportable and kept. Its great value and highly in demand. If you’re looking to make that change or increase your attractiveness, it’s not to be missed. 

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Ajahn Meng Mha Sap Nang (SOLD OUT)
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