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Lemongrass Gem Attraction Wealth Talisman Makes Good Things Stick to you

Lemongrass Gem Attraction Wealth Talisman Makes Good Things Stick to you
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About this amulet/talisman

Lemongrass stones are wonderful mystical stones, powers of and existence of which are hard to describe. They have not been known to known to the western world for centuries but today we endeavour to release knowledge about their existence to people around the world. They mystical stones that have the physical properties of crystals but they do not come from our realm but from our realm. These stones or portals to ascertain these stones are found in the area where a lemongrass tree flowers. Lemongrass trees very hardly flower facing the sun, when this happens it is a sign that there is an open portal to access these stones. The locals believe that they are kept and used by the people who are in our parallel realm also known as Orang Bunian.

Spiritualists have passed down techniques since centuries ago on how to extract these stones. These closely guarded techniques are performed by those that know how and these stones can be readily found in the vicinity of these lemongrass trees. It may seem like mysterious but when one sees it happen before one's eyes it becomes reality. They have the following abilities:

- Attract luck and make positive things stick to you

- Protect from misfortune and unfortunate situations

- Sometimes one can see that they are able to stick to glass, they seem to release some sort of liquid that allows them to stick, this is not always the case and easy to witness but it does happen sometimes, as we can see below :

Here is a video by one of our team members on youtube:


The traits that the lemongrass stone naturally affords to its owner are the following:

-Increases aura range and energy.

-Increases an aura of loving-kindness, which in return improves general interpersonal relationships with opposite/same sex. 

-Is said to help in business dealings and attract wealth.

-In the Malay/Indonesian language the two common attributes connected to this items is "Pemanis", this word literally means sweetener, this means that it will make its user more attractive and sweet in appearance and communication with others. Second attribute is "Pelaris", which means it helps to improve in ones life in the aspect of business dealings, selling to people etc. 

How to use

Can be made into a ring and worn. Can be made into a pendant or ring. Can be worn as a talisman. 


- Do not step over, treat item with respect.


Origin: Malaysia Condition: New Approximate Size: Length: 12 mm Width: 10 mm Thickness: 5 mm Clarity: VS (very slight inclusions under 10 x magnification) 4 Colors available: Light Purple as seen in photo, White, Yellow & Dark Green.

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Lemongrass Gem Attraction Wealth Talisman Makes Good Things Stick to you
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