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AJ Ves, Jin Jok Gao Hang (9 tail lizard) 蜥蜴护身符 (SOLD OUT)

AJ Ves, Jin Jok Gao Hang (9 tail lizard) 蜥蜴护身符 (SOLD OUT)
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This amulet is known as the master of lizards with 9 tails. This amulet is considered by Thai people to be a very lucky symbol to carry around. It also bestows strong charm onto the wearer, brings forth wealth, ushers in luck, and warns the wearer if danger is to occur hence assisting in avoiding danger. It also helps keep away evil and bad spirits from the user. Keep it with you for luck in love. It can also be taken everywhere like nightclubs etc. And can be used by gays, lesbians, ladyboys as well as men and women. According to Ajahn Ves during the blessing ceremony of this amulet something mysterious happened, the lizards in the surrounding area came towards to ceremony and made very loud noises for more than 10 minutes. This amulet is excellent for :

1)      Bringing forth success in ones life, assist in changing bad luck to good luck.

2)      Removing debt and usher in luck + wealth

3)      Success in gambling

4)      Prevention from dangerous situations

5)      Success in business

6)      Removing negative entities 

Origin: Thailand Condition: New Never Used Date rented from master: Feb  2011 Materials: 108 kinds of maha saney herbs + maha saney charming oil Approximate Size: Width: 2.5 cm Length: 3 cm Thickness: 1 cm Postage Cost: Free Worldwide Casing: Free Plastic Waterproof Casing depending on size, specially designed to the shape of each amulet (if required pls let us know) Mantra and Worship Method: Mantra will be provided in MP3 and text format. Where to be kept/ worn:  In pocket, waist level or hung on neck. Katha: Will be provided in MP3 format and text. 

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