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Ajahn Ves, Palakit amulet (SOLD)

Ajahn Ves, Palakit amulet (SOLD)
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Palakits are one of Thailand’s most popular amulets. AJ Ves made this Charming Palakit from holy wood from a Holy tree called named “Ka Fak Ma Rum”. The wood was only extracted after special magick incantations were chanted and permission granted from the tree spirit. It is strongly believed and proven from many experiences that this amulet will bring good benefits to the owner such as bringing the owner excellent trade with constant flow of money and increase the attractiveness of the user. It also assists in keeping the user safe in his/her travels and to escape from dangerous situations. Ajahn Ves chanted very strong mantras for many months to ensure its efficacy. This amulet has received good experiences from many of its users according to AJ Ves. This amulet by AJ Ves is special in that it comes with a hand written takrut made by AJ Ves himself, wrapped around the palakit unlike any other Only 30 were made and now almost none left due to its popularity and effectiveness. This amulet is designed to bring the wearer:

1)      Strong opposite sex attraction

2)      Improve and maintain good trading, business & career development.

3)      Strong Charisma always and luck in gambling.

4)      Ensures a steady flow of money.

5)      Ensures safety during travels and helps one to escape from danger. 

Origin: Thailand Condition: New Never Used Date rented from master: Feb  2011 Materials: Wood from holy tree Approximate Size: Width 1 cm Length: 4.5 cm Thickness 1 cm Postage Cost: Free Worldwide Casing: Plastic Waterproof Mantra and Worship Method: Katha by AJ Ves will be provided in MP3 and text format. Where to be kept/ worn:  In pocket, waist level or kept in wallet. 

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