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Nam Kam Nat powerful spirit talisman for love and attraction (SOLD OUT)

Nam Kam Nat powerful spirit talisman for love and attraction (SOLD OUT)
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06/05/13 : ALL SOLD OUT in one week. Thank You to our regular customers for support. We wish you all the best. 

This time after much demand we finally managed to ascertain more Nam Kam Nat talismans from AJ Ves, which he specially empowered during a ceremony at this latest sam nak. These talismans are the most potent in this range of Nam Kam Nat talismans as it has bones, ashes from a deceased females whose spirits are attached to this talisman. It is a very potent talisman and radiates a strong energy equivalent to those of Jinns/Khadams of our parallel realm items. The heat from this talisman is easily felt by us. Those that are familiar with pendulum dowsing or familiar with other spirit communication methods would find these spirits engaging and helpful.

This talisman is mainly used for sexual attraction purposes. There is no need for us to list the myriad of benefits it is able to perform as most are aware of its power but essentially it specialises in matters of love, attraction, loving-kindness, attracting clients, business etc. This is what they have been programmed to do. But we would like to equate them to a spirit companion or friend who is designated to assist and guide you. AJ Veight has given us the mantra and methods to take or her. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube.


Essentially it requires burning one sweet smelling incense stick when communicating with her, gifting her with presents that women may like for example perfumes, clothes etc when she performs a task successfully for you. Give her offerings like an alcoholic beverage, cakes, sweets etc. She can be asked to partake in dinner with you and your family. Most importantly treat her with love like a friend, through time a relationship/bond is build. Also donations on her behalf are one kind gesture that helps create a relationship between keeper and spirit.


From our latest visit to AJ Veight

Purpose: Love, Charming, Attraction, Wealth, Spirit Guide/Khadam


Size:  Length: 4 cm Width: 2.5 cm


Product Code: AJVNKN


Note: "Firstly this talisman might not be suited for those that are afraid of ghosts or spirit activity. Because she will be present in your home, although not always visible, cats and dogs might be able to see her, usually in orb form rather than full apparition. Her energy is also strong some might get goose bumps or have different types of sensation when touching the talisman, some wont feel a thing, it depends on the psychic sensitivity level of the person. "

Also please note that the yants that are drawn on all talismans were done by hand by AJ Veight himself hence they might be slightly different in appearance. 


These is a photo of the Nam Kam Nats from our latest trip to Thailand:


 photo b84aa0b9-86fc-422c-8975-9f50e98d359a_zps77dcc681.jpg  photo 0f9b3f8f-e5f9-478d-8eaa-7a3852ecd56a_zps96817fe1.jpg

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Nam Kam Nat powerful spirit talisman for love and attraction (SOLD OUT)
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