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Khodamic Brown Scorpion Bezoar Pearl Stone Powerful Rare Malaysian Indonesian Talisman

Khodamic Brown Scorpion Bezoar Pearl Stone Powerful Rare Malaysian Indonesian Talisman
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About this item

Scorpion and miliped bezoars are highly prized commodities in Malaysia and Indonesia. Milipede and scorpion bezoars are the most popular and most highly sort after amongst bezoar collectors. Mainly attributed to their varied uses and powers. Many claim that they are able to see through items using these bezoar stones, hence it is used by many gamblers. However there is one claim that most people do readily experience which is a tingly feeling that comes from the stone also some feel like a milipede or scorpion is crawling on their skin.

This particular set of scorpion bezoar stones were produced from the saliva of an adult scorpion and brown in color. It was found in the mouth of a female scorpion that had baby scorpions around her. This bezoar stone is created by the mother scorpion to protect her nest. However this phenomenon does not always happen only certain scorpions produce this bezoar stones, hence it is very rare and greatly prized. According to our shaman and experts the benefits of the scorpion bezoar stones are the following:

- (Pemanis) Sweetener : improves interpersonal relationships with people

- (Penyeri) Improves appearance, improves aura

- Strong protection against Iblis, demonic spirits 

- Some are able to read the thoughts of others when using this item

- Strong influential powers over others

- Increases submissiveness

- Repels venemous animals

Stone Size : About the size of a green peas. Comes in a wafaq bronze casing or see through glass casing with a few grains of  yellow rice. We have more than one of this item. Size and color of these scorpion bezoar pearl stones are slightly different and may vary from the other but rest assured the powers describe are the same for all. Guidance booklet will be provided and sent via email. Sample 1000 flower oil will also be provided for maitenance purpose of this item.

Please note: 

- We have more than one of this stone/item, they all vary as they are unique items. A photo will be sent to you through request or before dispatch if you choose to pay first. 

- Upon confirmation of address, for some items we may ask for your mother's name if you are a male and father's name if you are female to complete the ritual of connecting to keeper. 

- Some Items they will be blessed by ustaz one last time before sending. 


- If a ring you will be asked about your ring size. 

- Our rings are made by hand by village artisans so the finish is not machine-like or western. 

- If at any point in the future after some time of trying you find that the energies of the item is not suitable for you, you can plant the item under an old tree or release in running water (river/sea). 

- All items will come with a guidance booklet if you so require please let us know. Thank You. 

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