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Set of 4pcs Lemongrass Stones Extracted Item, Attraction, Love, Wealth Talisman Amulet

Set of 4pcs Lemongrass Stones Extracted Item, Attraction, Love, Wealth Talisman Amulet
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About this amulet/talisman

Lemongrass gems are unique mystical stones that are extracted from underneath certain special lemongrass trees. At first glance one would think that this is a type of diamond/or gem, yes they are gems but they also have spiritual properties too. They are extremely rare to find. These stones are hidden/kept at certain chosen trees by beings from the other realm mainly forest dwelling elves who use these stones for their own purposes. A sign that the tree contains these lemongrass gems is that the flower is tilted towards the direction of the sunrise. For starters lemongrass trees very seldom flower but if an ordinary person tries to extract the stones they will not be found, only those that are adept in the extraction process will be allowed to access these stones. In Malaysia this process is usually conducted by Muslim spiritualist.

Sometimes even the experts struggle to obtain them taking up to 3 continuous days of prayers and digging around the surface.  If the khodam that is taking care of these gems allow for it to be removed to the extractor then it will be released, but there is no exchange process and this item is not khodamic, however it has its own natural qualities. Some believe that these stones are actually from our realm but have been kept by those in the other realm treated (imbued with magickal power) for uses unknown to people of our realm and hidden from plain view under these lemongrass plants. Their origin is a mystery. The are evidently stones that have been well cut. People believe that the Orang Bunian (forest dwelling elves) keep these for medical purposes in their realm. Others believe that they are not from our realm entirely and are from the other realms. However it is apparent that they have been polished and cut very precisely. One thing is that it is able to stick to glass when pressed against for some time. They release a type of liquid visible on the other side that allows them to do this. It is quite difficult to do this sometimes but if one is successful one will be able to see this wonder. By this same fact people have felt that they are able to attract goodness to us and make them stick to us. Here is a video by one of our team members on youtube:


The traits, power & benefits that the Lemongrass stones naturally brings to its owners are as follows:

- Increases aura range and energy.

- Increases an aura of loving-kindness, which in return improves general interpersonal relationships with opposite/same sex. 

- Is said to help in business dealings and attract wealth.

- In the Malay/Indonesian language the two common attributes connected to this items is "Pemanis", this word literally means sweetener, this means that it will make its user more attractive and sweet in appearance and communication with others. Second attribute is "Pelaris", which means it helps to improve in ones life in the aspect of business dealings, selling to people etc.

How to use;

Can be made into a pendants & rings and worn as a talisman. For businesses can be kept in the shop or cash register. If you do not want the individual lemongrass stones, we also have them made in rings & pendants for males & females. Pls. request and we will provide you more information and photos.


- Do not step over, treat item with love & respect.

Authenticity test;

It is said that authenticity of the gem stones can be tested by whether it is able to stick to certain glass surfaces. No glue was used in the making of these clips and the glass surface was cleaned before hand. However it should be noted it does sometimes take a bit of effort of moving the stone on the surface of the glass before it is able to stick, this is dependent on the stone. Some stick faster than others. It seems, as is visible from the other side of the glass, the stone releases very very lightly what looks to be an oil-like substance, which highly likely enables it to stick to the glass, this of course is uncharacteristic to gems/stones but then again this is a unique mystical item. People believe that this is indicative of its attraction qualities as it attracts and sticks to you love and prosperity. We believe the true uses of this stone is still mostly unknown to humans and there may be more benefits that the stone provides. 


Origin: Malaysia Condition: New Approximate Size: Length: 15 mm Width: 12 mm Thickness: 5 mm Diamond Cut: Round & Oval Shape. Cut Clarity: VS (very slight inclusions under 10 x magnification). These Lemongrass stones can also be made into elegant, lovely costume jewelry like RINGS & PENDANTS. Kindly inform us if you wish to have them made into rings or pendants for you. Ring & Pendant designs will be provided to you for your selection upon request. There will separate charges for Rings & Pendants. We cannot upload the photos as the designs keep changing often.

4 Colors of Lemongrass stones available

White, Yellow, Dark green & Light Purple.

Purchase on Set of 4pcs Lemongrass stones;

As seen on our website this is a Set of 4pcs and priced accordingly. If you are having financial difficulties and unable to purchase the Set of 4pcs and want to own these Lemongrass stones, please email us before you make payment. We can consider selling you 1pc, if it is affordable to you. Please email us for color choice, stock availability and pricing and we will advise you.

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