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Hindu Bali Balinese Trisula Spirit Amulet Talisman Powerful Unique

Hindu Bali Balinese Trisula Spirit Amulet Talisman Powerful Unique
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About this amulet/talisman

This keris was extracted from the parallel realm through the earth. The process was conductd by an Indonesian Spiritualist who is a friend of friend of one of our partners. During the extraction process this keris and 4 other kerises were extracted. To learn more about the extraction from the unseen realm visit Articles by us under Information on our website Homepage. 

Photobucket Photo of an extraction process

This keris has connected to it a khadam from the unseen/jinn/other realm. The khodam of this keris is a male and has communicated that it is helpful in the following areas: 

- Creates a wall of protection around its wearer against black magick and general protection from evil doers. To protect ones shop/premise or home.

- Assistance in matters of wealth & business progress

- Authority over others and to be feared when required, like by evil spirits or those conspiring to do harm to you. To protect one or ones career/business from fierce competition. 

How to use

Application of zafaron/misik oil on Friday evenings and voice intent/wish. Carry with you as a talisman at waist level. 

Note: The energies from this item is strong for those that are sensitive to the spirit world might be able to feel the vibration eminating from it including heat or cold etc. Those that are not sensitive might not feel anything at all. We would recommend this item for those with some experience in dealing with energies or those with some spiritual knowledge and experience. 


- Do not step over. Treat item with love & respect.

- Do not miss the recommended practice of oil application. 

- Do not boast about this stone or of its powers even when it has rewarded you. 

- One should refrain from showing this item to others, some people might cast an evil eye. 


Origin: Indonesia. Approximate Size Length: 13.5 cm long. Width: 6 cm at thickest part. Free Stuff: 1 bottle of zafaron or misik oil & yellow cloth for covering

Item SOLD OUT. If you still need this item, pls. check with us first for stock availability before making payment. When item is available we will update system. Any questions pls. email us. Thankyou.

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