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AJ Thoy Jing Jok Song Hang (Sold)

AJ Thoy Jing Jok Song Hang (Sold)
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AJ Thoy's Jing Jok Song Hang (two tailed lizard)

Jing Jok can also be spelled ching chok. There are various types of Jing Jok for different purposes, for example the jing jok together with a partner is best if one wants to attract a mate to oneself.  This single type of Jing Jok with two tails serves for excellent maha saney (opposite sex attraction), gambling, attracting money and good business.  This amulet was arduously blessed by AJ Thoy and has been kept near his main altar for a long time. It contains a SPECIAL HANDWRITTEN yant on the belly of the Jing Jok all handwritten by AJ Thoy himself.  This amulet was hand-made by himself and his looksit from a combination of Metta enhancing powders to assist its wearer and blessed with strong magick by Ajahn Thoy for maha saney, gambling, money attraction and good trading. This amulet is a must have for any business person & salesperson.  It bestows upon the wearer characteristics of affability, approachability and effective communication skills, characteristics we all know is required during social settings ie. parties and business situations.  

 This Jing Jok amulet also helps in attracting business and for luck during gambling and figuratively speaking to be quick ones feet. List of benefits for having this amulet:

  • Improved social skills.
  • Effective public speaking and communication.
  • Increased luck and opportunities .
  • Maha Saney (Opposite sex attraction) and Metta (loving kindness) to all. 


Origin: Thailand Condition: New Never Used Date rented from master: Rented from Samnak AJ Thoy Wat Thong Nai Feb 2011 Material Date : Saney & Metta powder amalgamation Approximate Size: Length: 5cm Width: 2 cm Postage Cost: Free Worldwide Katha: Will be uploadedon youtube and link provided to buyer. 

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AJ Thoy Jing Jok Song Hang (Sold)
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