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Wholesale enquiries, sell these items today.

Wholesale enquiries, sell these items today.

Maybe you think that you would be able to reach out and help people with these items in your area in your own language.  In our effort to reach more people around the world we would love to hear from you. Of course, you need to make a profit to have a business but why not make a difference in the world and people's lives with these items. We have to warn you ahead, we don't just let anyone sell these items, we will ask you questions about how you intend to sell these items and your level of spiritual knowledge. 

However firstly you must meet certain criteria:

1) You should have an earnest interest in these items and be able to handle client enquiries. It would be helpful if you are slightly psychic or spiritually sensitive. 

2) You must always uphold a high value system and honesty. You must respect customer requirements and also the items that you purchase from us. Items must be treated with respect. We recommend you enroll in our Dhikr course to help you deal with these khodamic items:

Still interested? E-mail us at for the wholesale info pack. 

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