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Ajahn Ves Reusavet

Ajahn Ves Reusavet

Background on AJ Ves


Ajahn Ves Ruesavet is not a stranger to our regular clients. We discovered this Ajahn several years back when he was virtually unheard of but he has since become one of the rising stars in Thai magickal practice. His amulets are growing in popularity due to its efficacy. He is becoming very popular in East Asia. He is constantly making trips to China and other countries in the region to provide his services and meet followers. Many of our regular clients have given us positive reports even stories of this amulets and their powers.

Ajahn Ves was born in Udon Thani Province North Eastern Thailand. His interest in Buddhism bloomed at a young age, he was able to keep the 8 precepts even through the difficult teen years.

AJ Ves had a bourgeoning desire to get involved in Thai Wicha at a young age. He pursued his dream relentlessly and sort out Magick masters in Cambodian magick called Dhamm Kao Kot, he also seeked out current Lersi practitioners deep within the depths of the Isan province jungles. He for 8 years under the tutelage of various magick masters including Kruba Subin. He picked up the art of Sak Yant in Kalasan Province and learned how to create amulets in the Mahasarakam Province, he also learned to call ghosts and spirits from these masters.

Recently over the last couple of years he has grown in popularity as his amulets are receiving rave reviews.  He is growing in popularity and is steadily becoming one of the best Ajahn’s of today and tomorrow. His followers come as far aways as Taiwan, China and he has even been to Hong Kong to perform Sak Yant (Spiritual Tatoos) on his followers. 


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