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Recommended Reading

Here are some books that we recommend that will help you improve your level of spiritual knowledge:

Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller.

The writer of this book is multi religious hence his techniques are an amalgamation of techniques he picked up from his travels around the world, they are very useful and easy to practice, highly recommended as it details some techniques that we also use and recommend to clients especially for cleansing, protection and reversal of magick. If you have any questions Email us to :

The Sorcerer's Secrets by Jason Miller

An interesting and practical books no money will be lost on purchasing this book. It provides answers to questions about magick and how it works and also provides some practical techniques to be used, an easy and wonderful read:


NLP The Essential Guide by  Tom Hoobyar and Tom Dotz with Susan Sanders

Changing the way one thinks about oneself and the world around him/her will effect his/her reality. This book provides some handy techniques that one can use to make a difference in the way one handles life. We highly recommend it to all.