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About Us

This collective was started by a group of 4 friends (Hilmi, Maisha, Steve & Mohan) who are of different faiths that have come together to make accessible to the world new high-quality powerful amulets/talismans that are sourced directly from spiritual masters in South East Asia. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and ship out of Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Bangkok,- Thailand and Jakarta - Indonesia depending where we are at any one point of time, as we source for our products in these countries, we might ship out of these countries when we are there. For enquiries please contact us here.   All is one, one is all. Email us to:


Over the years we have invested ourselves into spending time and money scouring our region for the best talisman/amulets/artefacts. We find masters/spiritual adepts in our region that are practising masters/witches/warlocks that want to make items to help customers worldwide. To increase our product offerings and make spiritual items affordable to all there are some items that we 'rent' from renown temples. This will all be mentioned in our listings. 

We test our items energetically by dowsing and other energy methods and also telepathically whether it be through meditation or sleep. For our items from Malaysia and Indonesia, our resident shaman will communicate with the khodams/intelligences/spirits familiars connected to the item and provide them with your name and date of birth so that the items can be catered for you. As you see we offer a premium value added bespoke service not merely talisman trading.

Suvrna is now the world leader in spiritual jewellery, creating powerful talismans that look like regular gem stone jewellery. 

We specialize in bringing amulet, talismans, good luck charms, spiritual jewellery sourced directly from their creators to people around the world. If wearing something can give you a slight edge you're better off wearing that instead of regular jewellery.