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What Is Pre-Order?

>Pre order type 1

Pre Order means, we do not have the item in stock, we will order from the master/spiritualist/ajahn etc. they will send the item to us after blessing/empowerment, once we receive the item we will send it to you. 

As we travel the region searching for items, we only rent/purchase on your behalf a certain number of items. Most of the time the moment an item is "sold out" on our website, we will not have anymore. However in some instances the Master/Spiritualist/Ajahn/Shaman may have a few pieces left or made a new batch of the same talisman/amulet. This is when we will issue a pre-order status for that item on our website. 

If you purchcase/rent a pre-order items from us, we will first contact the Master/Spiritualist/Ajahn/Shaman to first see if they have it in stock. If they do, usually it will take 7-14 working days for us to receive the item, if in South East Asia, upon receipt of the item, we will post it to you. In the event the Master/Spiritualist/Ajahn/Shaman has sold out the item, we will contact you and refund your money usually within 3-5 working days upon order. 

>Pre order type 2

If we know that the Master/Spiritualist/Ajahn/Shaman is creating a batch sometimes we may release the batch for "pre-orders". We will mention this on the listing if this is the case. Once the master has created the batch, we will collect/receive it and post it to you.  We will inform you via email upon receipt of item.

>Tip: Usually pre-order items are items in high-demand, hence the reproduction of new batches or very small quantities available. Thankyou for your patience & understanding.